Tologomy is the ancient Yogic science of Applied Eugenics.

Eugenics comes in 3 polarities.

NEGATIVE eugenics is the mad scientist approach to eugenics …

… using external technologies – not very well thought out -to control heredity.

Biotechnology, nanotechnology, and – even more threatening to our planet – atomic gene manipulation are theillegitimate offspringof the “racial hygiene” Cold Springs Harbor “Sex in the Service of Society” brand of eugenics.

Former proponents and supporters of this type of social Darwinist (race and class) elitist eugenics include …

Lord Arthur Balfour, Alexander Graham Bell, Mary Duke Biddle, Dorothy H. Brush, Erskine Caldwell, Alexis Carrell, Winston Churchill, Henry Crampton, Major Leonard Darwin, Charles Davenport, Cleveland E. Dodge, Cleveland H. Dodge, Havelock Ellis, Irving Fischer, Henry Ford, Sir Francis Galton, Robert Garrett, Madison Grant, Ernst Haeckel, Herbert Hoover, Ellsworth Huntington, Arthur R. Jensen, John Harvey Kellogg, John Maynard Keyes, Harry Laughlin, Charles Lindburgh, Konrad Lorenz, Bernarr Macfadden, H.L. Mencken, J.P. Morgan, Frederick Osborn, Linus Pauling, Walter B. Pitkin, Plato, Andrew Preston, Theodore Roosevelt, Margaret Sanger, Miss E.B. Scripps, George Bernard Shaw, Marie Stopes, Sidney Webb, H.G. Wells, Eleanor Wembridge, Ray Lyman Wilbur, Woodrow Wilson, Emile Zola, etc., etc.

POSITIVE eugenics is the Yogic approach to eugenics …

… using INTERNAL techniques to control VERTICAL HEREDITY, mostly by harnessing Prana or Qi to regulate heredity, e.g., the Tologomy techniques taught by Kriya and Kundalini Yogis, the Microcosmic Orbit methods taught by Taoist Masters, the Pro-Youthing “passion pump” techniques of returning the body to the hormonal homeostasis of “Sweet 16,” etc.

NEUTRAL eugenics is the Tantric approach to eugenics …

… using sacred sexuality to regulate both VERTICAL HEREDITY and HORIZONTAL HEREDITY, including both breath imprinting (carbon dioxide encoding) and fluid mingling (virus and retrovirus encoding), etc.

DNA is passive and under the control of cell proteins (proteonomics).

Tologomy and Tantric Yoga both ultimately aim at regulating …

(1) proteonomics,

(2) glyconomics,

(3) saccharonics,

(4) metabolomics,

(5) transcriptonomics,

(6) ribonomics,

(7) ionomics,

(8) metallomics, etc.

Avinoam Duklar, co-founder of Glycominds, noted, “We like to say it would be better to eat mice and study cows, because the glycans in cows and humans are similar, and those in mice and some other mammals don’t exist in humans and some of them cause adverse immune reactions.”

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