Baking Soda Bubbles

By Atom Bergstrom

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Re: What about baking soda for heartburn?

It’s counterproductive. It can even cause a heart attack.

Add some baking soda to vinegar to see why.


Mixing an acid (vinegar) and a base (baking soda) creates salty water and carbon dioxide gas.


The phase transition from carbonic acid to carbon dioxide gas causes gaseous pressure — the primary cause of heartburn in the first place.

“Gas pressure is caused by the collisions of the gas particles (carbon dioxide) with the inside of the container (stomach and intestinal tract) as they collide with and exert a force on the container walls (stomach lining and intestinal epithelium).”


According to “N.J. Jury Riles Man Whose Stomach Exploded Isn’t Entitled to Damages,” Desert Sun, Oct. 5, 1991 …

“A man whose stomach exploded after he took Arm & Hammer baking soda for indigestion is not entitled to damages, but the product label should have warned of the danger, a jury decided Friday.

“Both sides claimed victory in the lawsuit, brought by William Graves, editor of National Geographic magazine, against Church & Dwight Inc. of Princeton, makers of Arm & Hammer.’This puts the country on notice that they can get hurt or can die with this product,’ said Adrian I. Karp, Graves’ attorney.”


What else do we know about carbon dioxide?

It’s chemically inert and non-flammable.

Chemical reactions require heat — a comfy warm stomach, ideally 101° Fahrenheit.

No heat, no metabolism. No metabolism, no digestion.

Duh! Thank you, Captain Obvious!

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  1. February 12, 2020 @ 2:34 pm Atom

    Carbon dioxide gas is a major cause of weight gain.

    A fat cell can expand up to 1,000 times.

    Some wet blankets say only 10 to 12 times. That’s still a lot, but only allows for an extra 160 pounds for a 160-pound man composed of 16% fat.

    The actual expansion rate is probably somewhere in between.

    Why does 1,000 times sound excessive?

    An ovum cell is 85,000 times larger than a sperm cell.

    Now that IS excessive!


    STOP YOUR BLOAT BY YAWNING YOUR FAT AWAY explains how weight control is a gaseous pressurization problem, not a thermal (calories) or nutritional (food) one. WHEN we eat is more important than WHAT we eat. It’s possible to double your calories and still lose weight. Also, psychosomatic issues (engrams that do not serve us) increase gaseous pressurization and the “balloon effect” we call obesity. Medical textbooks tell us the fat cell can expand 1,000 times, but they never tell you what these cells expand with or what causes the expansion.–e-books.php#Stop-Your-Bloat



  2. February 12, 2020 @ 2:40 pm Atom

    Re: I thought you wrote a while ago that EVOO was causing yellow fat disease. Am I mistaken?

    Yep. We can manufacture the oleic acid found in EVOO out of glucose (among other things). Oleic acid is our main depot fat. Omega 3 fatty acids cause Yellow Fat Disease in humans, apes, pigs, horses, chickens, cats, dogs, alligators, bears, salmon, etc. The linoleic acid in EVOO won’t cause Yellow Fat Disease, and the 0.5% linolenic acid that will (maybe more is in butter) isn’t enough to worry about.–e-books.php#YFD-Compendium


  3. February 12, 2020 @ 3:11 pm Atom

    Vitamin D was created in a variety of foods by solar and UV photo-conversion for eight years before its structure was actually identified by the beaker boys.

    Back in 1916 it was called anti-rachitic factor.

    Solar photo-conversion creates full-spectrum vitamin D.

    UV photo-conversion creates partial-spectrum vitamin D.

    Marketers were already familiar with the gullibility of the American public, so Madison Avenue sold vitamin D to them in a PILL — knowing the public wouldn’t notice the curious double-bind that (1) the body needs vitamin D on an ongoing basis yet (2) a pill supposedly holds on to vitamin D forever.

    “There’s gold in them thar PILLS!!!!!”

    The first living things irradiated in 1924 were cottonseed oil and linseed oil … a portent of things to come?–mini-e-books.php#Vit-D


  4. February 12, 2020 @ 10:11 pm ANITA

    How does one detox from yellow fat disease?


    • February 13, 2020 @ 12:04 am Atom

      It usually takes about four years of minimizing omega 3 fatty acids and related substances (serotonin, nitric oxide, cortisol, histamine, etc.) to detox from the superficial effects of Yellow Fat Disease — whether you push the river or not.

      In other words, the only way to truly detox is by minimizing the entry of additional poisons into the body, most of them through the mouth.

      Once new “garbage” isn’t being added to the mix, our Body-Mind knows a lot more about detoxing and rebuilding protoplasm than any scientist on Earth.


      Since Yellow Fat Disease is almost synonymous with aging — with some of the body’s cells clogged up with up to 40% lipofuscin and ceroid pigments — that’s when the hard-core anti-aging and life extension protocols begin, the three most crucial ones being …

      1) synchronizing with the environment through circadian eating, exercising, and resting

      2) resolving cognitive shocks that are by far the most dangerous threat to wellness, fitness, and longevity

      3) forging and focusing the desire and the will power to overcome the “pro-aging trance” and postpone aging for as long as possible


      Close to two people die every second on our planet, and about two-thirds die from aging (100,000 a day).

      “Do not go gentle into that good night.”


      According to Dr. Ray Peat …

      “I think we’re full of stem cells, and all we have to do is activate them intelligently.”


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