Blood Is the Boss Of the Brain

By Atom Bergstrom

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Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Grtty) said …

“The life is in the blood. Energy follows the circulation of the blood.”

“Magnetic flow leaves you vulnerable. Neutral flow is collective integration. Life flow is superior to all. The life is in the blood.”

“The brain doesn’t think, it pulsates. Thinking is the rhythmic expansion and contraction of the brain, geared to the respiratory pattern.”

“The lungs produce blood pressure. God don’t want no competition with a big brain. God is breath.”

“Self-respect comes from the heart. ‘Listen, listen, listen to my heart’s song’ is the sound of the venous and arterial blood crossing so uniquely throughout the body. If you can synchronize your ears to that sound, you will learn how volition is released from the heart.”

“The bell resonates with the heart. The bell sound is from ventricle collapse, the resonance of the blood passing through the ventricle.”

“Arterial blood is rich in magnesium, and venous blood is rich in iron. Iodine regulates them.”

“Volition is normal blood pressure. Low blood pressure causes you to drag your feet and be listless, to be nonparticipating, and eventually become catatonic. High blood pressure causes you to be overly concerned with time, with getting things done as quickly as possible. Though low blood pressure and high blood pressure are both problems, if you have to choose between them, pick low blood pressure because high blood pressure kills.”

“Water-containing fruit and plants that clean the blood are biological Clorox.”

Laura Sanders (“Blood exerts a powerful influence on the brain The brain’s nerve cells have a call-and-response relationship with the blood that sustains them,” Science News, Nov. 4, 2015) wrote …

“Beyond keeping neurons well fed, blood may actually tell neurons when to fire. Kind of like gasoline oozing out of a car’s gas tank and taking the wheel.”

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  1. November 5, 2015 @ 1:50 pm Atom

    Eating excess sugar results in Candida causing a sugar high and even “drunkenness.”

    Candida deprived of sugar leaves its cozy environment in the G.I. tract microbiome and puts out tendrils to attack the cellular matrix for food.

    Candidiasis is immune deficiency compounded by a deficiency of sugar (especially fruit sugar) and an excess of complex carbohydrates causing aerobic glycolysis and lactic acid overload.

    Candida needs estrogen to multiply (just like its host) and gets it from complex carbohydrates and polyunsaturated oils (just like its host).–e-books.php


  2. November 5, 2015 @ 1:53 pm Atom

    “All life shares with us this miraculous automatism: no chemist, with all his appliances, can turn bread-stuff into brain-stuff, or hay into milk.” — W.F. Barrett–e-books.php


  3. November 5, 2015 @ 1:59 pm Atom

    The general rule for water intake is …

    1) Straw-colored urine means you’re getting enough.

    2) Clear-colored urine means you’re getting too much.

    3) Dark-colored and odorous urine means you’re getting too little.

    Ray Peat (“Water: swelling, tension, pain, fatigue, aging,” 2009) wrote …

    “The amount of water a person needs is extremely variable, depending on things such as metabolic rate, activity, and the temperature and humidity of the air. Working hard in hot, dry weather, it’s possible to drink more than two quarts per hour for more than eight hours, without forming any urine, because all of the water is lost by evaporation. But in very hot, humid weather, a person with a low metabolic rate can be endangered by the smallest amount of water (e.g., ‘Meteorological relations of eclampsia in Lagos, Nigeria,’ Agobe, et al., 1981).”–e-books.php


  4. November 5, 2015 @ 2:07 pm Atom

    Laura Sanders (“Brain’s GPS cells map time and distance, not just location When rats run on a treadmill, grid cells act like clocks and odometers,” Science News, Nov. 4, 2015) wrote …

    “Most of these grid cells fired off bursts of messages at particular distances or times, electrodes implanted into the rats’ brains revealed. During a 16-second run, for instance, a time-detecting grid cell might become active at second 5, and then again at second 10. Similarly, a distance-marking grid cell might fire every time the rat ran 200 centimeters. Those responses stayed the same even when the scientists varied the speed of the treadmill. About 40 percent of grid cells detected both time and distance.”–e-books.php


  5. November 5, 2015 @ 2:11 pm Atom

    “When you set yourself up as a target, you have 1,000 arrows coming at you from the outside. But the worst arrows come from your own heart.” — Master Chen (Yun Xiang Tseng)


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