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By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

Body Dowsing is unique. It’s the only “emotional clearing” technology that can tell if and when an engram is gone.

Body Dowsing can quantify the emotional response.

Other technologies claim they can also do this, but, far from it, they can’t.


Body Dowsing can differentiate a stress from an engram. Other technologies can’t.

A stress occurs on both sides of the body; an engram, on only one side …

The Left is the Male and Past side.

The Right is the Female and Future side.

Both Sides Together is the Present. Both Sides equal No Sides.


Don’t get riled about the word “engram.” I’m not a Scientologist.

I have no issue with Scientology. It has it’s virtues — there are just too many rules for a Yes No Maybe guy.

My motto is,”And he mounted his horse and rode off in all directions.”

If I’d been drafted in 1960, I’d have been thrown in the brig or worse.

I’m a geek, but I’m in Free Fall.

I go with the flow and ride with the tide.


L. Ron Hubbard borrowed the word “engram.”

The word was created before he was born.

Words like “engram,” engraphic,” and “mneme.”

Mneme is pronounced “nem” … or “mnee-m” … or “nemma” (rhymes with Emma).

I prefer the latter.


All three words — engram, engraphic, and mneme — were first written down and thoroughly explained in a 1904 manuscript called The Mneme, and published in 1921, seventeen years later.

Evolutionary biologist Richard Wolfgang Semon (1859-1918) wrote it.

He was also a zoologist and a memory researcher.


Being biased against the word “engram” because L. Ron Hubbard used it, is like being against music because Charles Manson wrote it — and one of his songs is on The Beach Boys’ 20/20 album (“Never Learn Not to Love”).

I’m NOT comparing Hubbard to Manson! Anything but!

I’m just coming up with an extreme example to make my point.


The Mneme is available in its entirety in cyberspace, but it’s a tough read.

Put on your thinking cap and charge up the static in your attic if you dare attempt it.


Fortunately, Body Dowsing is light-years easier to DO than The Mneme is to UNDERSTAND.

It’s like when I joined The Rotters at a party apartment complex in Sepulveda, California, kitty-cornered from the Budweiser Brewery.

I asked their leader, Turp Buddha, “How do you spell Rotter?”

He chided, “It’s not something you spell. It’s something you DO.”

Fortunately, I was one of the better behaved Rotters.

I had nothing to do with the bullet holes in the elevator or the living room couch falling out of a third story window.


By the way, the MEME and the MNEME are two very different animals.

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  1. June 14, 2017 @ 5:08 pm Atom

    Body Dowsing (Bo Dao) uses dynamic Muscles-In-Motion Testing. It measures peaks, not valleys.

    Muscle Response Testing (MRT) uses static Muscle Challenging. It measures valleys, not peaks.

    A peak is what IS there.

    A valley is what ISN’T there.–e-books.php#Mind-Reading


  2. June 14, 2017 @ 5:17 pm Atom

    Body Dowsing (Bo Dao) is continuous monitoring.

    You gently move any part of the body continuously without interruption (except maybe to scratch your nose or tie your shoelace).

    Muscles aren’t needed. Nerves are.


    Muscle Response Testing (MRT) is discontinuous muscle challenging.

    Challenging is basically pushing against a muscle and feeling for a reflexive lock … one push at a time.

    Unlike Body Dowsing, MRT requires both nerves and muscles.–my-girlfriend-had-knee-problem.php


  3. June 14, 2017 @ 5:29 pm Atom

    Yellow Fat Disease is not a vitamin E deficiency any more than …

    aspirin poisoning is an activated charcoal deficiency

    mercury poisoning is a chelation deficiency

    cancer is a chemo deficiency–e-books.php#Yellow-Fat-Disease-III


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