The Bad News: Calcium is a pro-aging element.

An old, brittle man used to be called LITHY, LIMY, and/or CALCAREOUS.

Bone Mineral Density (BMD) is an index of aging.

The Good News: Calcium defends against cancer.

A fertilized egg implanting itself in the wrong place activates an anti-cancer calcium defense against the developing fetus, resulting in a “stone baby.”

A “stone baby” is technically known as a LITHOPEDION, and the known record for one being carried inside a woman’s body is more than 40 years.

Likewise, the calcification of a woman’s breasts is a protection against cancer.

These microscopic calcium deposits oppose the element silicon.

The microscopic cholesterol deposits accompanying these calcium deposits are “a defense against the defense.”

Silicon is pro-youthing and anti-aging (there’s a difference), yet, at the wrong hierarchical level, silicon encourages cancer.

Silicon’s “proper place” is intercellular (between cells) and extracellular (outside cells).

Calcium’s “proper place” is intracellular (inside cells) – between its storage sites in the mitochondria and other organelles (Fifth Period) and its extracellular “staging area” (Third Period).

Silicon correlates with the Third Period of the Periodic Table of the Elements – the Fungi Level of Atomic Biology.

Calcium correlates with the Fourth Period – the Microbe Level of Atomic Biology.

Silicon and silicates are aluminum-dependent as well as defenders against aluminum at the extracellular level.

Aluminum, like silicon, correlates with the Third Period.

Excess vitamin D – more than 800 international units (IU) – mobilizes calcium OUT OF BONE and re-implants it in “calcium catchers” such as BREASTS …

… gums, lungs, arteries, heart valves, etc.

Rhetorical Question …

Why do medical doctors routinely recommend 4,000 IU of vitamin D (and even as much as 8,000 IU) when their own medical nutrition textbooks – and NASA space travel experts – WARN about the 800 IU limit?

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gitty) equated health with “the razor’s edge” of dynamic and timely homeostasis.

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