Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) said …

“The regulatory control of the retention and dissipation of carbon dioxide is for the physical immortality of the cells.”

“Enlightenment is breathless, not breath-free. Carbon dioxide controls death and eternal functioning.”

“The spleen controls death – the disposing function of the body. The liver is a mortician. The spleen is a crematory.”

“Carbon dioxide is suffused throughout you. It is excess gas but the Necessary Principle within you.”

“Carbon dioxide is C-D, construction-destruction, which is Shiva. Shiva is renovation.”

“Grace is intracellular effervescence of the carbon dioxide. Breath is sonics already. Do simran till you’re blue in the face.”

“There is nothing more dangerous to your body than carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide can kill you or preserve you. Brain deacceleration at the level of carbon dioxide is the Diamond Level. Basic carbon blocks light at the charcoal level. A diamond does not block light.”

“‘To him that overcometh I will not send forth a second time.’ The atomic content is not decomposable – God couldn’t go out of his own creation of 144 elements if he wanted to. ‘Free men, lord of your cells.’ We’re ‘celling’ ourselves short. The occupant of the house is God.”

“Sticking around by jerky is being dehydrated by heat for longevity. The Egyptians used jerkification. Sticking around by ice cube is being refrigerated by carbon dioxide for longevity.”

“Carbon dioxide moves fluoride and creates chills. Fluorine is a refrigerant.”

“Shivering breaks mental blocks. Shivering is an oscillation principle. Kundalini Yoga is a take-off.”

(Atom’s Note – Know what you’re doing if you experiment with nutritional fluorine and walk big circles around the Buteyko Breathing Technique. Time Conscious Eating and a pair of strong kidneys are assets to safe fluorine metabolism. A cup of tea in pure water – filtered by reverse osmosis and double-distilled – is higher in fluorine than a cup of fluoridated water. Long-term tea drinking – especially if brewed in fluoridated water – leads to skeletal fluorosis and stiff joints, and ultimately to osteosclerosis, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, exostosis, muscle wasting, and neurological degeneration. Sardines are high in organic fluorine if the bones are ingested. Spermatozoa and sardines have much in common.)

“Carbon dioxide refrigerates interstitial fluid.”

“Tears are the thawing out of frozen carbon dioxide.”

“Spectralization of the aura does not occur in a realized man.”

(Atom’s Note – Carbon dioxide is an invisible refrigerant. It can appear anywhere on the Solar Clock because it has no color spectral predominance. Spectroscopy analyzes light produced when an element is heated. Spectralization in an aura is thermal death and entropy. We don’t get “colored” of a trauma or “opaque” of a trauma: we get “clear” – transparent – of a trauma.)

“Carbon dioxide is matter acting on matter. Hydrogen is energy acting on matter. Nitrogen is consciousness acting on matter. Oxygen is energy acting on energy.”

“Oxygen is consciousness. Hydrogen is craving for geometry. Nitrogen holds the geometry together. Carbon dioxide creates the Diamond Body.”

“Hydrogen is destiny, nitrogen is fate, oxygen is grace, and carbon dioxide is karma.”

“Carbon dioxide sedates and oxygen stimulates. To sedate the whole body using carbon dioxide only, go up the right side with life-flow for five or six minutes. To stimulate the whole body using oxygen only, work down the left side with life-flow for five or six minutes. For homeostasis, work both halves of the body with life-flow. To sedate the whole body with magnetic flow, do the left side down. To stimulate the whole body with magnetic flow, do the left side up.”

“Most people fall asleep from a hypnotic action. It’s a programmed response causing over-retentive carbon dioxide in the muscle. The rest is in the pause.”

“Yawning chelates carbon dioxide. Oxygen dilates and carbon dioxide constricts.”

“The yawn, the groan, the yell, and the sigh release carbon dioxide that should have gone out at the time of the trauma.”

“Laughing and crying both release carbon dioxide.”

“Carbon dioxide is a vacuum to bacteria. The carbon dioxide in enzymes kills bacteria. The nose is a vacuum cleaner.”

“The carbon dioxide in a baby’s first dump is a print-out of the life’s karma.”

“Carbon dioxide is the teleprinter; oxygen is cellular cleaning. The cell is a self-erasing tape. We would like to retain data of previous incarnations, but cellular cleaning goes on all the time.”

“You’re breathing each other’s carbon dioxide when you’re communicating by extrasensory perception.”

“Epilepsy is carbon dioxide in incorrect regulation.”

“Epilepsy is a form of dynamic tension. The ovum gobbled up the sperm prematurely, and the mother blamed the father for getting her pregnant.”

“Nightshade behaves like a plant during the day and like a man at night. During the day it takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen just like any other plant. But during the night it behaves like a man, taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. People would go to sleep in a tomato field, and not wake up the next morning. That’s why they named it deadly nightshade.”


'CO2 Moves Fluorine and Creates the Diamond Body' have 2 comments

  1. February 20, 2013 @ 1:51 pm lydia

    Hi Atom
    Interesting blog. COuld you expand on walking big circles around Buteyko Breathing Technique and is there a similar breathing technique one could use.


  2. February 21, 2013 @ 1:11 am atomb

    Hypoventilation and closed mouth breathing are occasional useful.

    For example, deliberate apnea can stop extrasystolic arrhythmia.

    It’s more practical to …

    1. pandiculate (yawn and stretch at the same time),

    2. practice diaphragmatic breathing,

    3. do exercises to stretch the rib cage,

    4. practice NREM (non-rapid eye movement) meditation,

    5. release the toxic engrams that cause REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and REM’s accompanying sleep apnea, and

    6. (if you live near water) CAREFULLY and moderately practice a limited form of static apnea.

    Regarding #6, I don’t recommend holding your breath for 22 minutes and 22 seconds like Tom Sietas or for 22 minutes and zero seconds like Stig Severinsen.

    Swami Nitty-Gritty recommended learning to breathe like a dolphin, as did …

    (1) Paramahansa Yogananda and

    (2) the main character in the 1988 movie The Big Blue.


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