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By Atom Bergstrom

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According to Elmer Green (“Elmer Green: Reflections on His Life,” YouTube, Apr. 27, 2012) …

“‘Well, okay, so the Yogis can do this, but can anybody else do this?’

“And I said, ‘Sure, any grade school kid can do this.’

“And they said, ‘Oh, yeah?’

“I said, ‘Sure, I have a daughter who’s training grade school kids.’

“So then they brought Pat in, and she ended up training — showing — the children, and the children were having a great time because they could do it.

“They could do in one week, they could do what a lot of adults were taking a month to learn.

“Some of them could do it in one day.

“We’d say, ‘Warm your hands,’ and they wouldn’t know that was impossible.

“And they’d say, ‘How do you do it?’ and all I would ever say is, ‘Imagine the blood is going to your fingers,’ and in 20 minutes the blood would be going to their fingers.

“Some people took weeks to learn that.

“And one doctor who had trouble with high blood pressure — and we always had to get rid of it by starting to train the fingers first, and then the feet, and then the blood pressure would drop — took him two years to learn how to warm his hands before he could — at will — just say, ‘Get warm,’ and they would get warm, and his heart rate would change, then the blood pressure would change, but it took him two years.

“And so finally he said to me, ‘How come it took me two years to learn this thing that some of these kids can learn in two weeks?’

“I said, ‘Your problem is you’re a doctor. You already know it can’t be done, which is false.'”


Re: Once they know who’s the matter, how do they let go? Or does the body’s “Aha!” moment let go of it right there and then? That’s if they get it and are ready for it, of course. and with our girl, how do they realize and let go?

Sometimes — especially with children — you can Mind Hack without the Cornerstone Technique.

A mother asked me to look at her young daughter’s RIGHT wrist.

It was broken several years before, and had healed, but suddenly became paralyzed again.

The mother walked away, and I asked the girl, “When you think of not being able to move your wrist, what’s the first color that comes into your mind?”

“Purple,” she replied.

The right side of the body relates to a female, and purple relates to an authority trauma.

The girl’s mother wasn’t overbearing, and the color gray wasn’t involved, so I asked, “Do you have a teacher at school that’s bossy?”

“Yes,” she said. “Mrs. Smith [not her real name]! I hate her!”

Mrs. Smith was a substitute teacher, and had taken over the girl’s classroom a few days ago.

I showed the girl how to stick out her tongue at her substitute teacher behind clasped hands.

“Don’t let her see you sticking out your tongue at her,” I kidded. “I don’t want to get in trouble.”

The girl stuck out her tongue, then said with conviction, “I understand. I’m better now.”

And she was!

She shook her hand from side to side. It wasn’t paralyzed anymore.

Her mother, flabbergasted at seeing her daughter freely moving her hand, came running over from the far side of the room.

“What did you do?” she asked.

“Oh, we just worked a few reflexology points,” I replied, winking at the girl.

She winked back, nodding in affirmation.

Of course, I never even touched her wrist or any reflex point associated with it.

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  1. November 27, 2019 @ 7:13 pm Atom

    Most beaker boys know the difference between Metabolic Acidosis/Alkalosis and Respiratory Acidosis/Alkalosis.

    99% of them know nothing about Osmotic Acidosis/Alkalosis.–consultation.php


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