A man came to see me with 3 problems.

He explained, “I have a migraine headache. There’s a painful bump behind my knee, and my knuckles are swollen.”

He grasped the ring finger of his right hand whilecomplaining about his “knuckles” (plural).

The body’s anterior right side and posterior left side register psychic (emotional) traumas with women, so it was obvious to me he had an emotional “charge” (technically called an ECPHORIA) from an unresolved issue with a woman.

The ring finger is the Triple Heater Meridian’s primary “commitment” reflex, which is why a wedding ring signifies, “I only have heat for you” or “I’m only in heat for you.”

“Which specific knuckle is swollen?” I asked.

“All of them,” he replied, still holding only his ring finger.

“Which knuckle did the problem start on?” I indirectly persisted.

He noticed he was grasping his ring finger, and responded, “Well, it started on this one.”

“Did you recently get a divorce?” I pried.

“Yes, I did,” he answered.

I held his right knee while he sat in a chair, and extended his leg outward and inward a dozen or more times, fast and forcefully on the way out, andexaggeratedly slow on the return.

The bump behind his knee disappeared, but I said nothing.

Next came muscle response testing, and the only circuit “out” was his Stomach Meridian.

“That’s interesting, because I recently had gastritis,” he commented.

“Before or after your wife left you?” I asked.

“After,” he replied.

“Do you miss her cooking?” I continued.

“Well, yes, I do. She was a really good cook.” he reminisced.

He returned to his chair (I had muscle-tested him on the floor) and reached for the back of his knee while asking, “Now what about this?”

But to his astonishment, the bump had COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED.

“Where did it go?” he exclaimed.

“You know,” I laughed. “You were ready to let this go before you even came to see me.

“You were like an apple on a tree you only have to touch and it falls into your hand.

“That’s why your knee problem resolved so quickly.

“All you wanted to do was kick your ex-wife one final boot out the door!

“Goodbye. Adios. So long.

“Time to move on to something new.

“All it took was mimicking a swift kick by moving your knee back and forth, which is what I did.

“If you hadn’t been so ready to let her go, you might have had to kick something a hundred or even a 100 thousand times – however long it takes to discharge the repressed anger.

“And, if you were still living with her, it could be an ongoing stockpiling of hostility unless you both resolved your issues.

“Health requires 2 things.

“One, a hostility discharge, just like in Gestalt therapy, Alexander Lowen, etc., etc.

“Two, it requires forgiveness – biological forgiveness, not psychological forgiveness – to deal with any residual guilt.

“Once a hostility is discharged, the guilt problem must still be resolved.

“And after forgiveness, the hostility often returns.

“Discharge it repeatedly, however long it takes, but always follow a hostility discharge with forgiveness to end any guilt feedback.”

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