Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) said …

“The body is increasing in size and age. Meditation seems frivolous compared to this. If this immortal soul is taken care of by a mortal body, I think you got a lousy deal.”

“Meditation is conscious sleep. In a state of suspended animation, cells do not break down, oxidate, or carbonize.”

“Eastern men call it meditation to get you interested. Conscious sleeping is Nature’s method of biological rejuvenation.”

“When you face yourself within yourself, you’ll find you’re not catering to a belief system. Get in there and get it.”

“‘Seek you first the Kingdom of God which is within you.’ Get back to what you are, then you have the whole cosmos to live in.”

“We have to reach unto the fifth level where the Christ consciousness meets us. God meets us halfway. Much of the beginning work is our own, but then a friend comes to aid us the rest of the way. During the long years of meditation, we are climbing the bottom rungs of Jacob’s ladder, the initial four steps of the eightfold path. We are always in Cosmic Cruis-O-Matic though we may not realize this until later. Self-realization occurs at the halfway point, but this is to be distinguished from God-realization.”

“There’s no counterfeit air. The air is pressurized into us as an incoming process. We have two hours and forty minutes of incoming breath during meditation – two hours to breathe and forty minutes to crap.”

“In meditation we can be satisfied and radiate happiness, but a professional could detect imperfections.”

“Desires are couched in the form of words. We cannot think without words. Our desires are couched in the form of words. The word triggers a geometric form of repulsion or attraction. In essence, desires arise with words emitted from the throat. The key result of meditation is the reduction of cravings. How? By the slowing down of the brain, a lessening rate of desire-word-image complexes.”

“Meditation is biostasis, the centering of life itself.”

“Meditation is to transform the breakdown of the organism to a conscious regulation. Living meditation is living an actual tangible experience involving atomic physics.”

“The pituitary is the resonance between the two sides of the brain, so meditation is mediation, bio-optic-sonic focusing.”

“Meditation is attunement and prayer is transmission.”

“When most people meditate, they dial God on the telephone – phone number Z-E-R-O-G-O-D – and relate their message before he answers the call.”

“The biggest devil is distraction from watching during meditation. Don’t fall asleep on the job.”

“Meditation at Pericardium Time leads to a bigger appetite. You don’t get upset easily, and you desire to read and research.”

“Cellular nectar is transmuted from the enzymes in the mouth combined with food. It’s divine nectar meditation technique. Drink your solids, my son, chew your liquids, my son, and you will be like the Sun.”

“One hour of reflexology is worth three hours of meditation. One colonic is worth a thousand hours of meditation.”

“If you take one minute to offer some action to further continuance of life it is equivalent to a million years of meditation.”


Read The Kit Carson of the Aquarian Age: Adano Ley Biography and 218 Anecdotes for more information on Swami Nitty-Gritty.

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Butterflies Need No Taxidermist Volume 1 is the source of all the above quotes.

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