The chakras run from east to west and west to east as well as from north to south and south to east.

The little finger (EARTH) holds a key to accessing the first chakra – what Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) identified as Matter acting on Matter.

The ring finger (WATER) holds a key to accessing the second chakra – Energy acting on Matter.

The middle finger (FIRE) holds a key to accessing the third chakra – Consciousness acting on Matter.

The index finger (AIR) holds a key to accessing the fourth chakra – Energy acting on Energy.

The thumb (METAL) holds a key to accessing the fifth chakra – Consciousness acting on Energy.

The first five chakras are known in the Orient as the five tattvas (Hindi for “vibration”), and are the five components of the Tower of Alchemy – the Four Elements and the Quintessence.

The five tattvas compose the Inner Castle.

The Quintessence (thumb) offers dominion over the Four Elements (index, middle, ring, and little fingers) of the Horoscope – what Adano called “the scope of your horror.”

This Body Language is embodied in the geometry of a Martial Arts Fist.

Pain sedation is accomplished with a Bipolar Contact using the METAL and FIRE digits – the thumb and the middle finger.

Pain stimulation is accomplished with a Bipolar Contact using the METAL and AIR digits – the thumb and the index finger.

You can stimulate your thyroid – and Triple Heater Meridian – by holding your Adam’s apple between your thumb and index fingers and moving them from side to side while blinking rapidly.

Applying a Tripolar Contact using the AIR, FIRE, and WATER digits to Kidney Reflex Points acts as a “tumbler to dissolve kidney stones.”

Even better is a Quadripolar Contact adding the METAL digit to the mix – similar to the SONICATOR used to clean jewelry with ultrasonic sound.

Adano called the thumb an “emanative digital electrode” capable of generating a “quasipotenated electromagnetic field.” (Don’t ask me to translate.)

Adano used what he termed “ulnar sonics” to treat bursitis by applying the METAL and EARTH digits to a person’s wrist.

The Large Intestine Meridian begins in the nail bed of the index finger, an energetic benefit to its use for the COCCYX LIFT, the osteopathic technique of inserting it up the rectum to adjust the coccyx and relieve any accompanying lower back pain.

Adano called the Coccyx Lift a “manual release of kundalini.”

The world-renowned Spanish heart surgeon, Dr. J.M. Sanchz-Perez, taught me how to use the arteriovenous anastamoses in the nail beds to generate psychic abilities and kundalini superpowers.

(To Be Continued)




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  1. December 15, 2011 @ 1:28 am Ryan

    Hi Atom,

    Excuse the basic nature of this question: About the Tripolar and Quadripolar contacts you mention with the Kidney points – are AIR, FIRE and Water and AIR, FIRE and Water + METAL placed simultaneously at the point – w/ massage, movement, or tapping?

    Interesting posts on the digits.

    Do you prefer a particular mudra in meditation?




    • December 16, 2011 @ 3:00 pm atomb

      Holding multiple fingers steadily on specific points is usually all that’s necessary, Ryan.

      During meditation – and I’m lax in this department lately – I often separate and extend my fingers, coordinating them with a 5-syllable mantra, going from EARTH to METAL.

      Some folks use 5 separate mantras, one for each finger.


  2. December 16, 2011 @ 3:12 pm atomb

    Re: I’m just wondering if you caught this article – “Orange Juice’s ‘Secret Ingredient’.”

    Most commercial juices also contain a substance from the swim bladders of fish – isinglass.

    So do many beers and wines.

    Fortunately, although it’s a Zone 3 Evening product, there’s not enough of it to really interfere with the timing.

    There’s a lot of “extra” chemicals in our food that don’t appear on the label, and the FDA allows many main product substitutes.

    For example …

    A lot of almond oil is actually apricot kernel oil, a byproduct of the apricot canning industry.

    Almost all canned pumpkin is Hubbard squash.

    It’s a LONG list.


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