Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) also said …

“Spirituality is the spiritualistic or elastic nature of God. Spiral, spirit, and spider come from the same root. The spider is a reflex of God. He spins the ‘web of Maya‘ through his belly, which is astral projection and the Tree of Knowledge. Everything he catches, he does not eat. He sucks the juice out, just as we suck the juice out of every experience. Only one thing can dissolve the spider’s web – the spider’s spit, which is the pineal gland, the Tree of Life.”

“Thought is the impulse rate to brain geometry that you realize.”

“Thought is sound. Thought is sonically fed into the mechanism to take up an optic image.”

“Image and likeness is an ideo-kinetic principle in a limitless energy field.”

“The right side of the brain is humanistic. The left side of the brain in nonhumanistic.”

“Conservation is continuance. Mind cannot live in continuance.”

“In meditation, you must become intimate with the atom. You must romance the atom.”

“The vowels take you from the base of the spine to the cervicals. The consonants take you from the nostrils up to the top of the head. Consonants are the drone – constant consonants.”

“To have an effect on your environment, be cheerful. The lowest level of emotion is suicidal tendencies. The highest level of emotion is ecstasy.”

“Slowing the brain down can co-arrange the environmental idea field.”

“Visualization creates ideational kinesis.”

“The extended hand is infinite flow and the secret of cosmic kinesiology.”

“Develop cellular sensitivity instead of extraneous academic terminology.”

“The weakness of mind is memory.”

“A person who claims to be using ESP is deluding himself because brain waves are geared to radio waves which are geared to light. There are no supernormal phenomena. The brain is synchronized to the speed of light. It is geared to trigger atomic energy – thinking. The input could be prayer. The output could be spontaneous remission.”

“Hypnosis is decarbonization of the cellular structure by conversation. When you hypnotize, you are doing brain wave jamming. This is a spiritual crime because another person’s inner space is being tampered with. However, in a medical emergency, it is the quickest method outside of Recycling. Hypnosis does not strengthen the brain, in fact, there is cellular deterioration of the brain. Hypnosis is an invasion of another person’s mind pattern.”

“Hypnosis is more personal than sex.”

“Enlightenment is not total knowledge of the universe. It is merely the state of obedience – the ability to make a correct decision.”

Nirvana is a mindful mind that can flow without interference.”

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  1. May 8, 2012 @ 5:53 pm atomb

    Re: “The extended hand is infinite flow and the secret of cosmic kinesiology.”

    Remember my blog entries about Dr. Sanchez-Perez and his arterio-venous anastomoses research?

    Perhaps of interest to Tantric practitioners, these direct communications between the arteries and veins were first discovered in the penis in 1835, and not till decades later (1862) in the fingers and toes.


  2. May 8, 2012 @ 9:58 pm Ryan

    Holy Mother! Did you raid that storage unit and hit the Adano archives??


  3. May 9, 2012 @ 2:03 am tim

    Is the phosphrous inside the skin or outside the skin Mr Bergstrom ? / Adano 1988 3/27 #5 Tucson Sat, lovingness from a hot hand. If you do not throw away a severd finger stick it back on and not stich it the finger will grow back the salamander effect .

    All benifits be well tj.


  4. May 9, 2012 @ 6:41 pm atomb

    Re: Acrylamides from baked potato and coffee? Can’t get away from poisons!

    Coffee and green tea don’t contain much acrylamide. Toasted bread contains more.

    Fries, chips, dried fruits, cigarettes, and microwaved foods are far worse offenders.

    Refrigerating potatoes before baking or frying them elevates acrylamides.

    Acrylamide and its metabolite glycidamide both have a half-life of two hours.

    It’s no accident Body Organ times of the Midnight-Noon Law (and Solar Nutrition) also equal two hours.

    Here’s a weird fact – acrylamide actually protects the body against the genotoxic and carcinogenic potentiality of its own metabolite glycidamide.


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