Savant Or Genius (Savvy Or Genie)


By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog


A savant is “a learned person, especially a distinguished scientist.”

Or “a person of profound or extensive learning; learned scholar.”

Synonyms include “intellectual, scholar, sage, philosopher, thinker, wise/learned person; guru, master, pundit,” etc.

Savant comes from sapere, “to be wise,” and from savoir, “to know.”

This is entirely different from “savant syndrome,” a variety of genius.

A genus is a secondary personality, indicating possession, as he “was a teacher OF genius.”

Each individual or thing HAS a genius, which the Greeks called a “personal daemon.”

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) called genius “a nutritional disorder.”

Italian criminologist and physician Cesare Lombroso wrote …

“If Richelieu had not on one single occasion been caught in an epileptic fit, who could ever have guessed it? If it had not been for the recent works of Berti and Mayor, who would have believed that Cavour twice attempted to kill himself? If Taine had not been one of those rare writers who understand what help psychiatry can give in the study of history, he would never have been able to surprise those characteristics which make Napoleon’s moral insanity manifest to all. Carlyle’s wife wrote the narration of her tortures; few wives do as much, and, to tell the truth, few husbands are anxious to publish such narratives. Many persons still regard as an angelic being the celebrated painter Aiwosowski, who succoured hundreds of poor persons and left his own wife and children to die of hunger.”

Some of the signs of genius, according to Dr. Lombroso, are …

1) short stature

2) rickets

3) pallor

4) emaciation

5) cretin-like physiognomy

6) lesions of the head and brain

7) stammering

8) left-handedness

9) sterility

10) unlikeness to parents

11) precocity

12) delayed development

13) rejection of the ideas of others (mesoneism)

14) vagabondage

15) unconsciousness and instinctiveness

16) somnambulism

17) genius in inspiration

18) contrast, intermittence, double personality

19) stupidity

20) exaggerated sensibility (hyperasthesia)

21) exhaustion and excessive concentration of sensibility (parasthesia)

22) forgetfulness (amnesia)

23) originality (divining facts before knowing them)

24) fondness for special words

25) chorea and epilepsy

26) melancholy

27) delusions of grandeur (megalomania)

28) folie du doute (a variety of melancholia)

29) alcoholism (and drug addiction)

30) hallucinations

31) moral insanity

32) longevity (up to a certain point)

Hundreds of cases of “genius” are thoroughly discussed by Dr. Lombroso.

Chapters of his book (The Man of Genius) include …

Genius and Degeneration

Latent Forms of Neurosis and Insanity in Genius

Genius and Insanity

Meteorological Influences on Genius

Climatic Influences on Genius

The Influence of Disease on Genius

Insane Genius in Literature

Art in the Insane

Literary and Artistic Mattoids

Political and Religious Lunatics and Mattoids

Characteristics of Insane Men of Genius

Analogy of Sane to Insane Genius

The Epileptoid Nature of Genius

'Savant Or Genius (Savvy Or Genie)' have 3 comments

  1. May 3, 2016 @ 12:58 am Atom

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  2. May 13, 2016 @ 8:13 am mark

    Atom, do you know Dr. Richard Alan Miller? He’s been referred to as a savant.


    • May 15, 2016 @ 5:01 pm Atom

      The surest way to separate the geniuses from the savants is by Body Dowsing, so I’d just be speculating without a full-on Body Language Analysis.

      Also, if one category is BLACK and the other is WHITE, most “smart” people exist in the GRAY zone.

      Whatever category he’s in, thanks for turning me on to Richard Alan Miller.

      I’ll be listening to some of his interviews on YouTube.


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