Sticking out the tongue counteracts shock and promotes yawning and pandiculation – yawning with a college education.

Not activating the tongue associates with repressed or suppressed speech, and it knocks the thyroid gland to the curb.

SIMHA MUDRA – Lion’s Yawn – is the Way of the Saint who eats from the Immortal Tree of Life.

KHECHARI MUDRA – Movement in the Void – is the Way of the Yogi who eats from the Mortal Tree of Knowledge.

Reflexology Lesson #1: The tongue resonates with the penis and clitoris (not just the clitoral hood), and the mouth resonates with the vulva and vagina.

The tongue is crucial to high-level wellness, and has 6 basic functions …

(1) articulation/SPEAKING,

(2) gustation/TASTING,

(3) mastication/CHEWING

(4) deglutition/SWALLOWING

(5) osculation/KISSING, and

(6) pair-bonding/NECKING.

A scarf is lingerie for the neck.

Reflexology Lesson #2: The NECK is embryologically wedded to the HEART, HANDS, and THYROID.

In India, a LINGAM is a penis, akin to the words “lingual” and “linguist.”

A Tantrika is multi-lingual.

The Indian pronunciation of Tantra is THUN-THRUH – a Mantra (MUN-THRUH) itself for activating tongue reflexes.

Swami Nitty-Gritty (Adano Ley) advised …

“If you’re the puppet, cut the strings.

“If you’re the clown, do simple things.

“If you’re the joker, learn how to make a joke so the joke is always back on you.

“If you’re the loser, learn how to do anything, and not be victimized by losing.

“If you’re the dealer, pull back enough so they feel you’re no threat to them.

“Then go to the mirror and stick your tongue out at it to break fixations.”




'Sexy Tongue Fu for TwoGetherness' have 2 comments

  1. October 1, 2011 @ 1:36 pm Dick

    Dear Atom,
    you mentioned in an interview that the “poor man’s” way to center the alpha vertibra is done through sticking out the tongue 1000 times. Since i spent over $ 200 to get mine set and it appears to be off again, i’m interested in exactly HOW one goes about sticking out the tongue for this.
    Straight out? Down? Quick? Keep it there? 1000 times in a row?

    Thanks a bunch!


    • October 4, 2011 @ 10:41 pm atomb

      Straight out is better. It’s more aggressive.

      Your question inspired my recent blog entry, “Tongue Fu Also Works For the Dead.”

      I’ll definitely be writing more about tongue mudras. :)


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