Cancer has been thwarted by HYPNOSIS or PSYCHOTHERAPY or a combination of both.

In the words of …

Helen Flanders Dunbar, M.D., Med.Sc.D., Ph.D., Emotions and Bodily Changes: A Survey of Literature on Psychosomatic Interrelationships 1910-1953, Fourth Edition, 1935, 1954, “There are some reports in the literature of disappearance of malignant or nonmalignant growths after psychotherapy in patients for whom the original diagnosis was adequately confirmed by specialists in the field.”


Anxiety, fear, and depression play a pivotal role in the development of cancer.

According to…

“Personality: Links to cancer, heart disease,” Science News, Sept. 20, 1975, “Cancers tended to develop in people who were generally quiet, nonaggressive and emotionally contained. Such persons scored low on tests of anxiety, anger or depression. Many were lonely individuals who had been very close to their parents. More than 30 percent of the cancer patients, for instance, had reported that their fathers were not companionable, understanding or warm.”

From the same article …

“Anxiety and fear caused by shipping and handling are stressors for mice. A strain of mice carrying a cancer virus developed cancers 92 percent of the time when they were exposed to moderate, chronic or intermittent stress. Similar mice protected from such stress developed cancers only seven percent of the time.”

The target organ of a cancer is significant.

In the words of…

Milton Tarlau, M.D., & Irwin Smalheiser, M.A., “Personality Patterns in Patients with Malignant Tumors of the Breast and Cervix: An Exploratory Study,” Psychosomatic Medicine, Mar.-Apr. 1951, “From our data we conclude that the breast cancers appeared in women who were functioning psychologically at a primitive oral level, while cervix cancers appeared in patients who had a genital fixation.”




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  1. October 15, 2011 @ 7:07 pm atomb

    Re: What about shingles caused by chemotherapy?

    Shingles is activated by at least 5 things …

    (1) sunlight

    (2) heat

    (3) cholesterol

    (4) chronic stress

    (5) acute trauma

    Unprocessed cod liver oil helps.

    Vitamin C foods help. (In France, vitamin C is administered intravenously for 3 days and nights.)

    RED LIGHT (between orange and infrared) is the only frequency of the spectrum that doesn’t activate the shingles virus — another example of medical amnesia.

    Anyone with shingles needs to confine themselves to a dark room with no light whatsoever except a dim red light.

    Before the light bulb was invented, red cloth was used to filter other frequencies out of the color spectrum — medical amnesia yet again.

    Shingles is an example of youthing at the wrong hierarchic level.

    Adano advised, “Take selenium for shingles.”

    Selenium is a Revici treatment for both shingles and non-metastatic cancer.


    • October 15, 2011 @ 10:16 pm Andre

      Can you write on what Adano meant the difference is between a passenger and a driver?

      Thank you




      • October 16, 2011 @ 12:31 pm atomb

        Adano said …

        “A miracle is the cosmetics of the actual experience. In the passenger seat, you can be a farmer. In the driver’s seat, you gotta be a scientist.”

        and …

        “The passenger seat is the miraculous, the something for nothing attitude, the thing that happens to us without explanation or reason. The driver is when you assume responsibility, not to feel threatened by the circumstances, and then you can go ahead, organize your life and live in a practical way, and that’s what we call Master or Master of oneself, and that’s why the student cannot be above the Master and the Master cannot be above the student. They’re friends in the fact that they know the role they’re in. One knows he’s a driver, the other is a passenger, and when the time comes he’ll take over as a driver. But we all gotta be a passenger at some point in time.”

        and …

        “No one is your Master. A Master is someone who has mastered their cells, and we can look to them as example.”

        Adano was asked, “What do you teach?”

        He replied, “I teach stand on your own two feet.”

        A Volkswagen commercial goes …

        “On the road of life, there are passengers and there are drivers.”


  2. October 18, 2011 @ 1:49 pm atomb

    Re: Do all sugars feed cancer?

    Yes, No, Maybe.

    R.A.S. Hemet (Orthomolecularism, 2004) wrote …

    “Once the enzymes on the surface of the small intestine are damaged or impaired, carbohydrates would be available to intestinal bacteria and yeast to multiply in a vicious circle. Damaged surface of the small intestine leads to impaired digestion and malabsorption of disaccharides. Since the sugar is not broken down and absorbed, it becomes available for fermentation by bacteria and yeast, which overgrow in the presence of abundant sugar. Toxic by-products of bacteria and yeast injure the lining of intestine and enzymes necessary for carbohydrate digestion and absorption.”

    Probiotics and prebiotics prevent this damage from excess disccharides, e.g., sucrose, lactose, and maltose.

    Inulin in Jerusalem artichokes and DIETARY FIBER in fruits and vegetables are examples of prebiotics.

    TOMATO JUICE AND MOLASSES taken during the peak of the biliary cycle of the liver (Small Intestine Time, 1:00-3:00 pm) counter fermentation in the small intestine.

    Antibiotics – which kill off friendly bacteria as well as unfriendly ones – are prime suspects in the rising rates of irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, asthma, mood disorders, etc. (Read “Gut Instinct,” The Economist, Sept. 3-9, 2011, for more info.)


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