Swami Nitty-Gritty said …

“I don’t know of any third eye, and I never met one.

“In all my years of living in this mechanism, I only know one thing about this body – the pineal gland is a LENS that provides me with convex vision so I can see through to the atomic particles minus the use of a microscope or X-ray machine.

“You may call me a seer if you like.

“Or you get a machine to back up my description atomically, accurately, and mathematically when I describe it to you without the need of a machine.

“It’s no magic.

“But you live with your concave vision and think you’re limited in your society and go looking for people who have the capacity to see into the future, thinking that they’re smarter than you, when in actuality they don’t know what the hell is causing their ability to see.

“It’s convex vision.

“It’s not caused by chemistry.

“It’s a result of the ability to focus the pupils so that the chemistry that is set up by the pineal gland interphases with the pituitary gland to set up the photography.”

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  1. June 28, 2011 @ 8:19 pm atomb

    PS from Atom …

    Keep a steady gaze.

    Georg Feuerstein wrote, “The Mahabharata mentions a race of beings whose bones are like diamonds. […] They are said to have a steady gaze, to live without eating, and to emit a beautiful scent.”


  2. June 29, 2011 @ 5:11 pm ThomasCroger

    Hi Atom,

    Since enhancing my lifestyle chronobiotically, I have observed a very fascinating (and welcome) marriage occurring between what I would call my “natural life” and my “social life”. In the past, I have struggled with the challenge of balancing my dedication to health (and pushing envelopes) with the reality of living in an other-than completely harmonious and holistically-oriented society. Now I’m starting to see a bridging occur, in which I am glimpsing an “invisible” path going directly between the two.

    I’m enjoying completing and initiating activities exactly upon the hour (or at least 15-minute intervals of the hour).

    I’m also very much enjoying the experience of building more strength and gaining more nourishment than I have in a long time, whilst maintaining a high degree of sensitivity and attunement to natural harmonies.

    I’ve heard you talk about synchronising the biological circaseptan rhythm with the “social” circaseptan rhythm.

    I’m interested in hearing you speak more on the topic of bridging these two worlds, and suspect it goes a lot deeper than this. I think this is something a lot of folks would like to know more about. A blog post would be great, or perhaps some treatment in your next interview?

    Thanks amigo! :)


    • June 30, 2011 @ 3:06 pm atomb

      Thanks for your well-written comments, Thomas! :)

      I’ve started to answer your question in my latest blog entry, “Circaseptan Superimmunity (Divinity).”

      Ever New Highways!


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