Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) said …

“Attraction is a poor word for magnetic connection with chemistry. Unconditional love has no positive, negative, or neutral.”

(Note: Sexual and social attraction are magnetic. Unconditional love is barometric.)

“Menstrual irregularity is caused by toxic activity, trauma, or sexual involvement that made you pregnant.”

(Note: Maroon, according to Adano, is a trauma color indicating “trauma in the womb, the body was not able to handle pregnancy.”)

“Yucca, edo, or yams are pecker-sparkers.”

(Note: Many aphrodisiacs are root vegetables. Circulation-Sex Time, 7:00-9:00 pm, is the optimum time to eat yucca, edo, yam, maca, ginseng, damiana, or other roots or rhizomes to enhance libido.)

“Too much aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease. Too little loses an erection. The penis can’t hold an erection without aluminum. The womb can’t function correctly either.”

(Note: The proper amount of aluminum is an essential growth factor. Potassium alum – containing aluminum – is added to pickles as an astringent to make them “crisp” *wink wink* Corundum is a crystallized aluminum oxide, and it’s one of the hardest of all substances. Emery, ruby, and sapphire are impure varieties of corundum crystals.)

“Boron is necessary for erection and is a uterine dilator.”

(Note: Boron crystals are almost as hard as diamond. The cubic form of boron nitride is as hard as diamond, and, like diamond, has a tetrahedral structure. Foods containing boron tend to be gooey – mucilaginous – like okra or bananas.)

“Tologomy is preregulated pregnancy, cosmic eugenics by self-purification.”

(Note: Tologomy, or “bioneuronics,” according to Adano, is “laser tagging of the ovum.” It’s an advanced Tantric technology involving respiratory control and – possibly – lateral gene transfer.)

“Iron and magnesium are necessary for the sperm and ovum to unite. Eat calcium to produce a male child, and potassium to produce a female child.”

(Note: Iron is in the middle of the porphyrin molecule hemoglobin, and magnesium is in the middle of the porphyrin molecule chlorophyll. Regarding calcium and potassium, Emanuel Revici, M.D., classified both calcium and men as more alkaline and catabolic than potassium and women.)

“Praseodymium occurs in a pregnant woman with the bonding of the sperm and ovum. It is found in prasad and vibhuti. It takes the stiffness out of muscles. You can find it in Body Toddy.”

(Note: There’s no way I can validate the above. Adano had a “beyondananda” knowledge of chemistry and the Periodic Table of the Elements that boggles the imagination. Body Toddy is no more. The colloidal minerals in it were mined by T.J. Clark’s Legendary Minerals, and virtually the same product as Body Toddy is sold under the T.J. Clark name today.)

“The medulla is the contact point where the ovum locks to the head of the sperm, and the energy pulsation begins there. The sperm moves, the ovum doesn’t. The energy breaks up into the spectrum, and encircles as the aura.”

(Note: The medulla oblongata at the base of the skull is esoterically known as the “mouth of God.” The sperm grows up to become the SPINE, and the ovum grows up to become the BRAIN – an excellent example of the self-similarity of fractals. The sperm and the spine work the plan, while the ovum and the brain plan the work.)

“A baby triggers its own birth through the medulla. When the fruit is ripe, it will fall.”

(Note: The medulla oblongata is the only instantaneous part of the brain. Assassins are trained to kill by puncturing the medulla because death is instantaneous and the victim can’t cry out.)

“Cancer comes from a spermal trauma where you don’t have a choice when shot out of the testes.”

(Note: The “birth trauma” is less traumatic than the “spermal trauma.” Imagine a peaceful and cooperative community of up to 500,000,000 sperm suddenly – and without an eviction notice – being ejected out of their little planet into interstellar space, and a voice commands, “First one in the Moon is the winner, and must close and lock the door to his new home on all his friends and watch them die.”)

“Too much calcium makes a milk baby who sleeps too much. Use iron or malic acid to phase out calcium. Whey acts like the CI to phase out calcium.”

(Note: Apple cider vinegar is a source of malic acid. Drinking milk is a symbolic return to the mother’s breast.)




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  1. December 8, 2011 @ 9:18 pm atomb

    Re: question about DNA.

    Ask that doctor, “If the body can’t detect cancer, how does it keep track of the body’s daily production of cancerous mutations?”

    Even Big Medicine’s crude chemistry and/or instrumentation can tell the difference – or they could never make a diagnosis in the first place.

    The body’s immune system monitors and CORRECTS as many as a million individual molecular lesions PER CELL PER DAY – many of them cancerous.

    The body’s home security is freakin’ AWESOME!!!!!

    DNA research will not solve the problem of cancer. The answer to cancer will come from studying its growth and metastasis, and not its origin.

    DNA is static. It’s a footprint, not a foot.

    Q: Then why does Monolithic Monocultural Medicine continue studying DNA?

    A: Because tons of money can be made patenting DNA, but “growth” or “metastasis” can’t be patented.

    DNA is about (1) Wall Street’s bottom line and (2) putting the populace on notice that the only way they can ever have a clue about wellness is to be PROBED and TESTED by “experts.”


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