In 2000, a representative of Monsanto – “the Jolly Gene Giant,” “the Intel of Life Sciences” – gleefully proclaimed, “The horses are out of the barn,” and it’s too late to return them.

Translation – GMO foods have already cross-pollinated with natural foods, so relax and SUBMIT to Monsanto’s techno-mutant eco-mischief, and you’ll be as safe as a fish in a seafood restaurant tank.

Evan Eisenberg (The Ecology of Eden, 1998) wrote …

“Like all corporations, the corporations that bankroll biotechnology research care about the bottom line. They care about selling patented forms of life at a premium price. They care about selling chemicals. They care about bigger crop yields: purchased in the grand manner of the Green Revolution, at great cost to fuel, soil, water, economic equity, and genetic diversity. The cost will be greatest in the Third World, where peasant farmers will continue to be driven off the land by capital-intensive plantations growing a single crop, often for export.”

In 2000, a California scientist discovered a new virus associated with chronic fatigue syndrome containing more than fifty bacterial genes derived from the bacteria most often used in genetic engineering.

The military-industrial complex is especially interested in such viruses, allegedly under the auspices of BIOREMEDIATION.

Besides being used for the “pollute the environment up with toxic agrochemicals so we can get overpaid to clean it up again with industrial biotechnology” scam, bioremediation gene jockeys are busy transmuting genetically-engineered organisms into re-engineered “antimaterial” microorganisms to gobble up enemy tires, tanks, armor, food crops,and even human flesh.

These war scientists are also developing “smart” superpathogens to zero in on the DNA of a specific military officer, politician, or “terrorist.”

They’re co-developing DNA vaccinations to protect their own troops from enemy versions of “BB” and “BC” superpathogen biowarfare, initials standing for “biological biowarfare” and “biochemical biowarfare.”

They’re also developing “biocamouflage” that conforms a soldier to ambient temperature to avoid enemy infrared detection.

Military scientists have already produced “biosensors,” smart noses that sniff out enemy odors.

Biosensors will eventually be used in civilian life for “DNA dragnets.”

DNA dragnets are modeled after the low-tech “odor library” kept by the East German Secret Police (the Stasi).

Stasi officers stored odor bioassays of suspected dissidents in thousands of jars in their offices so they could be tracked by bloodhounds.

Stasi officers applied specially treated cloth to male armpits and female crotches, storing these ODORPRINTS in thousands of jars.

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