Things I Didn’t Say Monday #4


By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

Here are more footnotes to Monday’s show (Feb. 1, 2016).


Re: So these chicken lights, to keep the baby chickens warm, that you can get at Home Depot, the red ones, these are near-infrared?

Every incandescent light emits infrared energy.

A 250-watt chicken light, red or otherwise, emits more of it.

Vibrant Gal and I recently ordered a RubyLux Infrared Bulb NIR-A Near Infrared Individual Bulb.

It’s pictured as a bright red light on their website.

We assumed we were getting a bright red light (620-750 nanometers) emitting 850 nanometers of additional infrared radiation.


We neglected to read the following Question & Answer …

Q: I plugged it in and it’s more of an amber almost yellow color, are you sure this is a red bulb?

A: I can not remember what color the light is. The red actually refers to some of the rays being infrared. As all incandescent bulbs put out a mix of frequencies, I do not believe it would be necessary for the light to look red. Humans see infrared poorly or not at all, and so if it only put out infrared you would see at most a dull glow.”

Both the luminous red light and the infrared heat are therapeutic, but only luminous red light counteracts luminous blue light.

Blue light suppresses breathing. Red light activates breathing.

Red light protects against gamma radiation, according to Ray Peat.


Re: Do you have any ideas why swallowing problems happen, and some of the cures?

Many syndromes can cause swallowing disorders — heartburn, hiatal hernia, hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules, MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, etc.

Pandiculation (yawning + stretching + contraction + reflexology) works for simple muscular coordination issues, as well as relieving the symptoms of all of the above.

Remember, cure and remission of symptoms are two different things.

A wide variety of outside forces (physical, chemical, electrical, magnetic, thermal, barometric, etc.) can provide remission of symptoms.

Cure is an Inside Job — resolving the Cognitive Shock.


Re: So living at a high altitude is not a problem?

It’s only a problem until you adapt to it.

The higher the altitude, the lower the cancer rate.

It may take several years to adapt to very high altitudes.

Don’t bring your cat along. They don’t do well in the mountains, and die of convulsions above 13,000 feet.


Re: Is overcoming the “crowd” (Hive Mind) basically a matter of awareness?

The Gurdjieff “Work” helped make me conscious of how little awareness I had (and how little I still have).

99 percent of the world’s population is excluded from the Conscious Circle of Humanity.

In the words of Ouspensky (the most well-known follower of Gurdjieff) …

“We have a great many overcoats to take off.”

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  1. February 6, 2016 @ 4:08 am Atom

    Now available! / MIND READING FOR THE MILLIONS was formerly known as Body Dowsing.

    I’ve changed the name because folks inevitably confuse it with radiesthesia.

    Why have I added THE MILLIONS to the MIND READING?

    Because it’s so amazingly simple once you get the hang of it even a child can do it.

    MIND READING FOR THE MILLIONS — without the slightest trace of exaggeration — is by far the most effective emotional trauma detection technology on the planet.

    Everything else is an also-ran.

    It’s consummate low-tech biofeedback — all you need are your eyes to observe and your fingers to feel. Practice makes perfect. :)–e-books.php#Mind-Reading


  2. February 6, 2016 @ 4:11 am Atom

    “The child is an interrogation point.” — Harvey W. Wiley (1840-1909)


  3. February 6, 2016 @ 4:12 am Atom

    There are many so-called cancer viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

    Almost all of them have to meet a metabolic defect somewhere between the two (exogenous and endogenous) co-causes (speaking in hierarchical terms).


  4. February 6, 2016 @ 4:14 am Atom

    Richard Dawood (“Solar cells carry the fight against disease,” New Scientist, Apr. 15, 1982) wrote …

    “Measles is the most serious in the Third World because it kills 400 times as many undernourished children as it does well-fed children.”

    In other words, measles is a disease of undernourishment, but New World Order bureaucrats are too effing stupid to make the distinction.

    Feed the world’s kids instead of jabbing them with needles like voodoo dolls.


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