Time Conscious Eating slows human metabolism to protect against the downside of oxygen – free radical mediated oxidative reactions.

These metabolic villains include …

(1) Hydrogen peroxide – an energetic oxidant that can cause extensive cellular damage.

(2) The hydroxyl radical – the most potent oxidizing agent known, a monovalent radical formed from hydrogen peroxide identical to the free radical associated with radiation.

(3) The superoxide anion radical – a highly reactive type of oxygen produced when oxygen is reduced by one electron.

(4) The hypochlorite ion – a toxic oxidizer formed by a combination of chlorine and water.

Chlorine, incidentally, is readily available from sodium chloride, making the body vulnerable to dyschlorobiosis during the time lapse occurring when sodium and chlorine separate into hydrochloric acid for the stomach and sodium bicarbonate for the small intestine.

Shock pathogensis is a pertinent example, where dyschlorobiosis causes upper intestinal water accumulation and accompanying loss of systemic water.

Time Conscious Eating stimulates proteolytic enzymes that dissolve the oxidized (aging) body’s disulfide (sulfur plus sulfur) bonds, accelerating their replacement with new, youthful, sulfhydryl (sulfur plus hydrogen) bonds.

Time Conscious Eating motivates free radical quenchers and detoxifying enzymes for cathodic bonding – enhanced by the transdermal armlets Adano fashioned out of gold, silver, and copper – and time-mediated superimmunity.

Here’s an important example of time-mediated superimmunity …

BREAST CANCERis corrected when the daily surface temperature of the breast returns from a 20-hour rhythm to its phase-optimal 24-hour rhythm.

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'Time Conscious Eating & Oxidative Attack' have 2 comments

  1. March 28, 2012 @ 8:13 pm Josephine

    So is it unwise to take a bath in hydrogen peroxide and epsom salt?


  2. April 1, 2012 @ 4:15 pm atomb

    Nope. The outside of the body has one of the best acid-base buffering systems of the entire body. :)


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