40 percent of American women are alleged to have facial hair – from peach fuzz upwards.

Curry powder (due to cardamom, coriander, and cumin) stimulates the growth of body and face hair, according to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) – and has the opposite effect on head hair.

He recommended soaking sage in olive oil to remove excess hair from the body and face.

This ain’t gonna happen overnight. :(

Both sage and olive oil contain phytoestrogens.

Adano advised using sage in olive oil to strengthen muscles – applied externally and taken internally.

Ginseng stimulates the growth of facial hair.

(Two women I know stopped using ginseng for that reason.)

Ditto filberts.

Filberts also contain trace amounts of the anti-aging agent paclitaxel, Nature’s version of the chemo drug Taxol.

Yew trees contain a lot more paclitaxel.

(Yew trees are the oldest trees on our planet, not bristlecone pines, even the ones along the Methuselah Trail in the White Mountains of California.)

The judicious and timely use of foods and herbs containing phytoestrogens or estrogen stimulators can oppose androgenic hair growth.

Soybeans and soybean products (e.g., tofu, tempeh, and natto) are estrogenic.

Most beans have estrogenic qualities to a greater or lesser degree.

Wheat is estrogenic.

Excess wheat consumption can grow breasts on a man.

Olives and olive oil are estrogenic.

Onions – white, red, yellow, or green – are estrogenic.

Herbs containing phytoestrogens include angelica, anise, fennel, fenugreek, flaxseed, parsley, red clover, and sage.

Stinging nettle – due to its boron – can double estrogen production in a woman’s body.

Okra is rich in boron.

Prune kernels stimulate female hormones.

Adano advised their judicious and timely use to keep a woman from getting “dried up like a prune.”

This includes vaginal fluids as well as wrinkles.

Mango is good for female hormones.

Meat – other than organic – is rich in estrogen analogues. It’s best to avoid them. :(

U.S. cattle are routinely implanted with synthetic estrogens like Schering-Plough’s Zeronel, implicated in breast cancer.

Even cement dust is added to cattle feed to promote growth.

Some authorities advise women to “celebrate” their facial hair “instead of trying to get rid of it.”

Testosterone is tied to libido.

Most women experience a 50 percent drop in testosterone between their twenties and their fifties.

A woman’s bulbourethral muscles – bulbocavernosus muscles – atrophy without testosterone.

The “BC muscle” helps a woman clamp down on a man’s penis and is almost solely responsible for female ejaculation.

Guys call it “snapping turtle (censored).”

Estrogen can cause weight gain.

Many “experts” say the opposite, yet estrogen is a medical weight-gain therapy for girls with anorexia.

Will the real anabolic steroid please stand up? It’s estrogen, not testosterone.

A bodybuilder trains his body fat to enter his muscles.

Muscle mass has more to do with intracellular and extracellular fat – and CO2 GAS – than protein.

Consider the “lard pig” (Mangalica pig) raised in Spain for its ability to store fat in its muscle tissue.

Mangalica translates as “hog with a lot of lard.”

Estrogen is one reason the ovum is many times larger than the sperm.

Go ask Mr. and Ms. Halibut.

A male halibut rarely reaches 40 pounds.

A female halibut can reach 400 pounds.




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  1. January 4, 2012 @ 10:55 pm atomb

    Re: Is coconut oil good for you without breadfruit and plantain?

    Coconut oil is good for you inside and outside with or without breadfruit and plantain.

    It’s even better for you with breadfruit and plantain, but since you don’t live in the tropics, fugedaboutit.

    (Coconut oil converts to an unsaturated oil when combined with breadfruit and plantain.)

    Coconut oil helps cholesterol and triglyceride balance and coconut water was used for emergency blood transfusions during World War II (and in the 1998 Jackie Chan movie, “Who Am I?”).

    Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory.

    Coconut water from YOUNG coconuts is estrogenic.

    Coconut crabs can be eaten for breakfast or dinner since they feed on coconuts, candlenuts, custard apple seeds, and fruits from tropical trees like Arenea Listeri, Ochrosia ackenringae, Pandanus Elatus, etc. … if you live in the tropics, of course. :)

    Almost anywhere coconut trees grow, coconut crabs are sure to follow.


  2. January 4, 2012 @ 11:48 pm suz


    How do you ingest prune kernels to stimulate hormones?
    Where can one buy them? Any stores in Santa Barbara?
    Always appreciate your wisdom.


    • January 5, 2012 @ 3:29 am atomb

      You can buy organic prunes at Trader Joe’s at 23 S. Milpas Street. :)

      Adano said ,,,

      “Antimony is found in prune seeds. It challenges your manganese and potassium to shape up. Women should eat the bitter prune seed for antimony. It will automatically dilate the mechanism to be more vibrant.”

      Buy ORGANIC prunes and use a nutcracker or hammer to access the kernel.

      WARNING: Prune kernels contain amygdalin and other cyanogenic glycosides.

      They decompose – to a greater or lesser degree – into sugar and hydrogen cyanide gas.

      Amygdalin has been marketed as laetrile and vitamin B-17 as a cancer remedy.

      Natural cyanide occurs mostly in the rose family, a large family of plants, including the plum and its dried form, the prune.

      Small amounts of natural cyanide promote health.

      A prune seed a day keeps the gynecologist away.

      Health food store vitamin B-12 (cyanocobalamin) is basically cobalt combined with cyanide.

      Vitamin B-12a (hydroxycoalamin) is a remedy for cyanide poisoning.

      Cyanide detoxifies selenium.

      Chlorella algae contains cyanide.

      Hydrogen cyanide is a prebiotic basis of LIFE.

      It is a component of ADENINE, an essential element of DNA and RNA.

      Cyanide from outer space may have seeded life on our planet.


      • January 5, 2012 @ 11:23 pm suz


        Your hypothesis, “cynide from outer space may have seeded life on our planet” is the most logical explanation of creation I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.


        • January 8, 2012 @ 1:20 am atomb

          Thanks! :)

          There’s lots of HCN floating around in interstellar space and it’s a very simple molecule.


  3. January 5, 2012 @ 12:09 am atomb

    On the subject of HAIR …

    My friend Laura Tokioka just e-mailed me an article by C. Young titled “Hair Is An Extension of the Nervous System – Why Indians Keep Their Hair Long.”

    It covers things like …

    “…it [hair] can be correctly seen as exteriorized nerves, a type of highly-evolved ‘feelers’ or ‘antennae’ that transmit vast amounts of important information to the brainstem, the limbic system, and the neocortex.”

    … and …

    “Cutting of hair is a contributing factor to unawareness of environmental distress in local ecosystems. It is also a contributing factor to insensitivity in relationships of all kinds. It contributes to sexual frustration.”

    Adano said hair is a piezoelectric transducer that selectively filters “electromagnetic” signals in the audio frequency range.

    The piezoelectricity is generated in the keratin protein structure of hair by barometric pressure.

    Adano insisted, “Hair is a biosonic neurolinguistic sensor. All our thoughts are the recycled thoughts of our space brothers.”

    We chiefly use our hair as antennae to receive those “thoughts.”

    “What about bald people?” I fretted to Adano.

    “They can still use precipitation,” he replied.

    Ancient people used the Tantric science of TOLOGOMY – Cosmic Eugenics – to genetically evolve hair’s transmitting and receiving sensitivity, according to Adano.

    Long hair is associated with youth, freedom, beauty, and sexuality.

    Let your freak flag fly – like I did in the Sixties when I still had hair to fly. :)


  4. January 5, 2012 @ 2:13 pm rhianne

    greetings, great info, so, what are prune kernals?? do you crack open the prune pit?

    so, keeping a good balance of estrogen to not get dried up, and testosterone to keep strong, is suggested…
    what would be a simple protocal for this? without any drugs..
    love, love all this information…


    • January 5, 2012 @ 7:13 pm atomb

      Hi, Heart Wisdom Woman of Sedona! :)

      I’ll make a “hormonal vibrancy” protocol the subject of my next blog entry.

      Yes, crack open the pit of an ORGANIC prune after you eat the fruit.

      A good example of a breakfast “prune protocol” is to eat three soaked prunes combined with a vitamin C-rich Zone One fruit, and eat just one of the prune seeds.


  5. January 6, 2012 @ 5:01 pm Helen

    Thanks Atom, as always, amazing information.

    Would applying soaked sage in olive oil to the scalp stimulate hair growth?

    while if applied to the face they would reduce facial hair?

    What is difference between using dried and fresh sage?

    What is the best time for taking stinging nettle? and in what format? while keeping the weight under control.

    Would using cooked prunes produce the same result? what about the seed of the cooked prune?

    Thanks a lot


    • January 7, 2012 @ 3:57 am atomb

      Olive oil and sage can stimulate hair growth, but there’s better ways.

      The best way to stimulate a woman’s hair growth is a Reflexology technique where you hold your left hand still and lightly strike its fingernails (including the thumbnail) with the fingernails of your right hand.

      Don’t move the left hand at all and go no faster than 60 strikes per second.

      In 1980 or so I visited friends in Port Neches, Texas, after not seeing them for a year.

      Their teen-age daughter introduced me to her high school friend as “the man who grew hair on my head.”

      She said she did the technique every day for a year, and her hair – which previously never reached below her shoulders – grew out long, thick, and luxurious.

      In retrospect, maybe the original lack of hair growth was a mother trauma.

      Her mother’s hair grew so long it touched the floor, and she finally trimmed it because its weight gave her headaches.


      • January 10, 2012 @ 5:35 am Helen

        Amazing Again! Thanks a lot Atom.

        While we’re at it, are there any Reflexology techniques to stop facial hair growth?

        Love you and love all the precious information you share with us. Blessings always.


        • January 10, 2012 @ 4:16 pm atomb

          Cooked prunes have almost the same effect, but the seeds are better uncooked or only warmed.

          Exposing yourself to the color purple can slow facial hair growth, but it may take you out of The Zone in your sex life.

          Purple is an asset to anyone practicing celibacy.

          Scarlet will increase facial hair growth.

          Being alone – or its evil twin, loneliness – can slow facial hair growth.

          Slowing facial hair growth – to the best of my knowledge, at least – is mainly a nutritional situation … but Acupuncture may offer a solution because it uses Yin energy to treat Yin and Yang imbalances, whereas Reflexology uses Yang energy to treat Yin an Yang imbalances.

          I’ll cover its nutritional aspects more thoroughly in a future blog entry, Helen.

          If I forget, please feel free to remind me. :)


  6. January 9, 2012 @ 2:20 pm Myles

    Atom, thanks for another revolution of great information!

    How about hair growth for men? I think I’m starting to thin a little bit up top…. power alleys.

    I’ve been eating coconut oil with morning meal. You said something in a past radio show about applying some sort of preservative to the scalp. Do you remember what that was?

    What about eating organic kiwi skin? They’re fuzzy all over :)

    Any other suggestions would be great!

    Have a great day


    • January 10, 2012 @ 5:10 pm atomb

      Polysorbate 80 is an emulsifier in foods – from ice cream to pickles – that stimulates hair growth when used as a shampoo.

      It’s sold at most health food stores.

      It’s supposed to be left in the hair for ten minutes every day, but my friend who grew his hair back left it in for an hour a day.

      It took him four years to grow ALL his hair back.

      Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw (in their 1982 book Life Extension) noted it only works for about 7 or 8 percent of men, but it can slow hair loss in a higher percentage.

      Polysorbate 80 irritates the scalp to promote hair growth.

      Paavo O. Airola recommended rubbing 100-proof Smirnoff vodka on the head as a scalp irritant …

      … and acupuncturists do the same with a hair brush that has bristles made of tiny needles.

      Yes, Myles, kiwi can help hair growth, especially when eaten for breakfast combined with filberts.


    • January 19, 2012 @ 10:24 am RadioGuGu

      Dear Myles & Atom : )

      Hair growth & men reminded us of some interesting information – around the middle of a video on youtube by David Wolfe: one can search “David Wolfe Ted Talk” or “David Wolfe Passion for Chocolate.” : )


  7. January 13, 2012 @ 10:43 am suz


    Do you have a remedy for reversing grey hair to my natural color?

    All the prunes in Santa Barbara health food stores are unpitted, even TJ’s ;( I’ll search on line.
    Thank you


    • January 14, 2012 @ 4:37 am atomb

      Eat the whole prune, then remove the pit.

      You want unpitted prunes (with the pits), not pitted prunes (without the pits).

      Copper and/or pantothenic acid have much to do with hair color.

      If it’s a deficiency – a quantitative issue – the above can help.

      Usually it’s a QUALITATIVE issue, meaning you’re having trouble utilizing copper and/or pantothenic acid or combining them with enzymes.

      Gray hair usually has to do with accumulated trauma, and sometimes with acute and immediate trauma.

      Actress-singer Della Reese’s hair turned completely gray the day her mother wen on cosmic vacation.

      Adano Ley said, “Pain goes out through the top of the skull. It’s an electrical charge through antennae. The hair may turn immediately gray or fall out.”

      Maybe I can cover gray hair in more detail in a future blog entry. The alternate feeding of molybdenum and copper sulfate to sheep to produce black and white striped wool is a significant clue. :)

      Hey, do you know of any places to rent in the Santa Barbara area?

      I managed Scandia Health Foods in Carpinteria for seven or eight years.

      I wake up every morning here in the “Arid Zone” (Arizona) and ask, “WHERE’S THE BEACH?”


  8. January 14, 2012 @ 5:07 pm atomb

    PS to Vibrant Gal …

    If you can help me get a FOOTHOLD back in Santa Barbara – workshops, sessions, apprenticeships, living quarters, or whatever – we’ll FIGURE OUT how to reverse your gray hair to its natural color … plus I’ll teach you my Recycling and Body Language techniques for free.

    My roommate here in Moon Valley, Arizona, reversed her gray hair color. :)


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