A right-sided trauma can be from IDENTIFYING with a woman’s trauma with a man.
For example, a father abuses a mother and their child sympathizes with the mother and takes on the mother’s “karma” with the father.
Either way, the correction is with the mother, not the father, and is on the right side of the body, not the left.
And in the case of child abuse (sexual or otherwise), nine out of ten times a female child’s cellular matrix will “blame” the mother, not the father, and the correction is with the mother, not the father.
Emotional trauma and its accompanying protoplasmic irritation (the definition of an engram) bypass the rational neocortex and go directly to the irrational limbic system and the upper brain stem.
So must any correction by Engram Restructuring.
Engrams are never general or composite.
They always (99% of the time) involve a specific person and a specific time.
A “pure” engram is passed on through only four or five generations, but reactivation engrams – basically, a secondary engram caused by a primary engram and so on down the line – can create ENGRAM CHAINS lasting for many centuries.
Richard Semon wrote (in 1921) …
“Now, it is attested by numerous observations and experiments that the engraphic effects of stimulation are not restricted to the irritable substance of the individual, but that the offspring of that individual may manifest corresponding engraphic modifications. Nor is there anything surprising in this, once we recognize not only that the offspring is produced from the germ-cells of the generation which has been submitted to the particular engraphic stimulation but that these germ-cells are in continuous organic connection with the rest of the irritable substance of the organism.”
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  1. October 18, 2012 @ 7:05 pm atomb

    Me: “What’s the real cause of AIDS, Adano?”

    Adano: “What does AIDS stand for?”

    Me: “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.”

    Adano: “What does ‘acquired’ mean?”

    Me: “It means ‘to get.'”

    Adano: “It does NOT!!! Look it up in the dictionary.”



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