dr hal huggins and dental healing special, august 5, 2014. hour one



-What does the doctor recommend for bone grafts when one is told it is needed to regenerate the bone between teeth?

I have the front two bottom teeth that get black. I have taken good care of my teeth all my life though I have had some unfortunate dentistry in the past with bridges, mercury fillings and a root canal. I have taken out the root canal and the mercury fillings. I would certainly like to get rid of the black teeth.

-What does a person do if they already have a dental implant? How can it be safely removed without breaking the jaw and having to have bone grafts?

-My 15 year old daughter was told by her orthodontist it was time to see about getting her wisdom teeth pulled sometime in the future, no hurry yet. She got her braces off about a year ago. I read that people who practice good oral hygiene and clean carefully around the exposed wisdom teeth can prevent infection. Your thoughts please.

-Wonderful Dr. Huggins kindly talked to me about dental problems and breast cancer at Dr. Yu’s Conference. … My holistic dentist (who Dr. Huggins knows) wants to remove the silver filling in a mercury-leaking wisdom tooth. My thoughts are, instead, to have the wisdom tooth removed, not only because of the mercury, but because Dr. Clark found that 50% of the amalgams may be radioactive. Any problems with bite? How about a worry about a future cavitation?

-It seems like everyone I know who has a full set of dentures have chronic health problems. Is that a coincidence or is it something to do with all the teeth being pulled at once and possibly not healing properly?

-Is chronic fatigue due to a lack of oxygen in the blood cells?

I have had 4 infected teeth removed after a cavitat scan, I was able to turn my head from side to side for the first time in four years, however after a week
the lymph nodes in my neck became sore again and the pain and restriction came back. What happened?

Is it true that lyme can live in the lymph system?

-After cavitation surgery, what has Dr. Huggins found that best helps the socket heal and get a vascular network established to get oxygen to the tissue so it will prevent the anerobic bacteria from taking up housekeeping?

Since Vitamin C is an Anti-Oxidant, what are Dr. Huggins ideas on getting oxygen to the surgery site while still getting the Vitamin C that the body needs? On the surface, it seems that Vitamin C would be counterproductive to oxygenating the surgery site.

With ORN sulfur crystals that purportedly help split off the oxygen from the water and catalyze that oxygen to get into the cells, has Dr. Huggins done any testing on sulfur supplements prior to and after dental revision and if so, what did he observe?

After a cavation is surgically treated and it has healed, does Dr. Huggins have a method to determine if the socket has healed or if it is populated with the anerobic bacteria again?

I have read about some pseudo bone powder that some dentists are packing into the socket to help fill the void and provide a structure and catalyst to help the bone regrow in that area. What is his opinion on this technique?

Has he discovered an efficient way to get the barium out of the body yet?
-I am a 52 year old woman and have several old mercury fillings, some with crowns on top of them, that need to be replaced. I want to be sure whatever is used to replace them has no chance of causing me additional health challenges. One natural doctor I listen to insists fillings be replaced with crystals as he had done by a dentist in Mexico. Can crystals be used in the States? Is there anything used in the States that has no metal in it at all?



-I have lupus for 20 years and two years ago I replaced all mercury fillings with ceramic and removed my one root canal tooth.

The problem is that we’ve got it all wrong, because in my country IV vitamin C is not allowed and dentists don’t have special requirements when working with mercury.

Now, my cholesterol is extremely low and immunological activity is very high.
A for the last 4 years I have no hair in the back of my head.

Currently, for the past two weeks I’m taking orally 5 grams of sodium thiosulfate and 5 grams of vitamin C in the evening, but I do not feel well.

Can dr Huggins help me with some advice how to “higher” cholesterol and how to clean my body so immunology can be in normal range of activity?

-Is trisodium phosphate and baking soda mixed together good for swishing around in your mouth to heal/prevent cavities?

-I’ve had all my root canals removed and now have a partial. A VALPLAST … Dr Garcia says it is okay.It is pink and my Dr. Glaros says it has no mercury in the material? Have you tested “really tested: them and what is in them?

-Tongue thrush one year & 2 yrs post implant.Don’t know if related.How to treat please?

-Is the Blood Chemistry test the same Test Lita Lee and Sharry Rogers speak about. What do you think of the Loomis Urine test?

-Can you ask Dr. Huggins…I had a tooth exacted a month ago and ever since I have experienced episodes of light head feelings, went to the normal GP doctor and can’t find anything wrong. What should I try next?

-I have a tooth that had a porcelain/gold crown on it which fell off last week. I went tothe dentist and she said that there’s nothing left to put the cap back on (she dida temporary fix but I’m not supposed to eat on that side.) She thinks an implantmight be the best. I did get all of my mercury fillings out. I’ve had tons of them. (onenight I was dreaming of eating popcorn only to wake up and find I was chewing ona big silver filling—Uggggh!!) I know that the titanium implants aren’t the best. Do youthink I’ll ever be able to grow a new set of teeth??? In the mean time. What should I do?

-Please, ask Dr Huggins what he thinks about the effect/s of colostrum on the health of teeth – for maintenance, healing, etc.? – If he has noticed anything special about it in particular with his patients…

-Is there a problem with pulling a baby tooth, due to breaking them off from a fall? There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the second teeth. How are things going with regrowing bone (stem cells)?

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