(NaturalNews) Daily, careful brushing and flossing are important for
preventing cavities and gum disease. Heredity has also been shown to
play a part in how healthy a persons mouth is as well. However, an
often overlooked way to improve the health of ones mouth is to avoid
sugar and processed foods.

Cavities are technically called
dental caries. Cavities are caused by bacteria called Streptococcus
mutans. This bacterium lives in the mouth and grows from sugar and
other carbohydrates. When carbohydrates are present in the mouth, an
acid is produced that dissolve the enamel of teeth. This is what causes
tooth decay.

years ago, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) sponsored a screening
of third grade children in a New Hampshire public school. They found
that 52% had tooth decay of any kind and approximately 22% had
untreated tooth decay.

One reason for the problems in childrens dental health is that they consume large amounts of soda.
In a study conducted between 1971 and 1974 involving 3,200 Americans
between the ages of 9 and 29, a direct connection was established
between soda and tooth decay.

Studies have conclusively shown that children who consume soda are at a higher risk for cavities. Fluoride has proven ineffective for preventing tooth decay.

The evidence about soda shows that sugar
is not the only culprit in tooth decay, however. Soda contains acids
that have been shown to dissolve tooth enamel and weakens teeth to the
point where they are more prone to decay.

There are other
lifestyle choices that make dental health poorer than necessary.
Smoking and lack of brushing and flossing are the main reasons for
tooth loss and decay in adults. Studies have shown that smoking causes both tooth decay and tooth loss because it blocks blood flow to the gums.

There are mounting concerns about the safety of consuming fluoride.
For this reason, many people are choosing to fight tooth decay
naturally without fluoride. Here are some guidelines for fighting tooth
decay naturally.

1.Brush and floss a minimum of two times per day. It is especially important to brush after eating sweet foods.

2.Brush with a toothpaste that contains casein, natural mint extract, and Xylitol.

large amounts of calcium-rich foods. Stay away from all refined sugars.
Drink adequate amounts of water and eliminate fruit juice and sodas.

4.Drink green and black tea. Frequent consumption of green tea or black tea reduces plaque build-up and also suppresses bacteria levels in the mouth. Do not add sweeteners, milk, or cream to the tea.

your toothbrush clean. The bacteria that are the main cause of cavities
can grow on a toothbrush. A few times a week, disinfect your toothbrush
by boiling it in saltwater for about a minute. Toothbrushes should be
replaced every month.

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