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Dr. Richard Isaacson and Dr. Christopher Ochner

Authors of The Alzheimer’s Diet

Harvard-trained Neurologist, Dr. Richard Isaacson and renowned nutrition expert, Dr. Christopher Ochner team up to create this ground-breaking nutritional guide for individuals concerned about memory loss. In recent years, there has been an explosion in research on nutritional interventions for Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment, which is considered to be the most severe public health crisis of our day. These specific dietary interventions present new hope for individuals concerned about memory loss, and also have rapidly expanding scientific-evidence to support their effectiveness. Based on empirical evidence, The Alzheimer’s Diet outlines what to eat, what not to eat, and highlights a step-by-step approach for improving memory and protecting the brain through diet.

Until a cure is found, the best we can do is to try to prevent and fight AD by using as many effective tools as possible. Although none of these tools will by itself prevent or cure AD, science now shows that diet is one of these essential strategies. Read our blog for more info, including a story on how and why diet works for AD.

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the alzheimer’s diet, december 18, 2012

'Dr. Richard Isaacson and Dr. Christopher Ochner – The Alzheimer’s Diet: New Hope for Individuals Concerned About Memory Loss – December 18, 2012' has 1 comment

  1. December 19, 2012 @ 10:15 am Ron

    How can these guys expect to cure Alzheimers when they are taking recommendations from a doctor that is feeding its test subjects a diet with 30-45% of its calories from carbohydrates? Patrick asked them flat out: what is the worst food for the brain? And they said bad carbohydrates. A newsflash for the doctors: all carbohydrates are bad for the human brain. There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. Carbohydrates exist (only during summer) for humans to accumulate fat (by becoming insulin resistant) to survive times of scarcity (winter), and thus continue the human species. Unfortunately, carbohydrates are now available 24/7/365 and humans weren’t designed to consume carbohydrates continuously throughout the year.

    We are going to continue to hear these ridiculous dietary recommendations as long as research is only funded by industries with a direct financial interest in the research results.

    Why not try an experiment where the macronutrient ratio is 70-80% fat, all from saturated sources and seafood, along with 20-25% protein from grassfed only ruminants and seafood, along with 5% carbohydrates? Because the test subjects would benefit from great health, and not have any need for the products of big agribusiness, nor would they have any need for the products/services of the disease care system in this country.

    But we couldn’t have that, the truth, not here in America.


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