I do read virtually everything posted on this page. It is screaming loud now that many of you are suffering from what you see as betrayal by your elected “leaders” whom I prefer to call “Rulers.” Many of you have stated you are or have been Democrat and are simply enraged that your party would have betrayed your family in the fashion unfolding as I write this. I don’t think that the issue is Republican or Democrat. They are two pieces of fruit (Republocrat) out of the same poison tree, one piece is just a bit “riper” than the other piece. As it ripens more, it becomes even more poisonous and that is where both are going.

But both pieces of fruit are still poison regardless of the degree or “ripeness”. To your Rulers, their fruits both come from the “Tree of Life”. Hmmm, remember the beguiling in Genesis? (I am NOT a Bible thumper. There is a clear analogy here). The same serpent with two different heads is beguiling you. Both pieces come from the “Tree of Freedom’s Death”. Those of you who have been diehard Democrats have gotten the fruit you planted. And same with Republicans. The Republicans are just a bit less ripe, but poison nevertheless. You have elected “Rulers” who want to apply their one-size-fits-all to “help” all of us different folks the same way, instead of enabling and protecting us to fend for ourselves.

Even most caged animals would prefer to roam free and fend for themselves rather than depend on handouts in physical confinement. We have not learned from simple observations of nature.

If you really want freedom, the vaccine issue can be your starting point to finally undress the government so that the Emperor has no clothes (1).
Those of you who are “Ready for Hilary”, please look here to see what you will get from her regarding your food: http://www.washingtontimes.com/…/hillary-clinton-gmo-suppo…/

Is it not clear who owns Hilary Clinton? Do you think she will assist your right to know that your food is Frankenfood made by a corporate lab instead of the Creator?
Please don’t think that Bernie Sanders will be much different. If you think Hilary is above getting bought, please read “Clinton Cash”, and know that you will be getting “Billary”.

If it hasn’t been evident to you until now, you are actually engaged in a fight for your very existence. This war is, at last, overtly manifesting on the battlefield of vaccinations. (Please see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpcbVVMKT8c for a thorough understanding of what the policy of forced vaccines is doing to the people of your community.
You looked the other way when the temperature was being slowly turned up on you, but it’s harder to look at the searing heat burning your offspring. If you cannot see the forest for the trees, and you keep picking a different fruit from the same tree, you absolutely deserve what poison you are getting. I am sure the Founders would agree, and, in fact, warned us as much.

The forced vaccination wake up call should be a call to arms for you to reclaim your Liberty lest you lose your own freedom over your life/health, or the life/health of your offspring, whether it is to vaccinations or any other of the myriad and largely hidden aspects of corporate ownership of government and you being Pharmed for Profit. Many of you (admitted here) Dems supported Obamacare. Please think of it now in the light of this controversy of basic Rights. If you give the government an inch, it swallows a foot. You can’t be a little bit pregnant. Either you have unalienable Rights and a Constitution to protect them, or you don’t.

Some say the Democratic Party is the party of the heart, and the Republican Party that of the brain. I say that one is a party of the rectum, and the other is the party of the sigmoid colon. There is scant difference in the toxic contents. Both deserve to go the way of a surgically excised diseased/putrid appendix, and only you collectively can perform said surgery! (I still have faith that despite an incredibly corrupt government, that votes are largely tallied honestly.)

I propose the following 10 commandments to be sworn to by any person seeking to represent you. It should be given by you to any candidate who professes he/she wishes to be your public servant and states he/she deserves your vote. Perhaps you can organize large groups of people these Rulers-to-be will have to seriously consider in their vote buying. Perhaps you can get them to sign acknowledgments of this, and affidavits that they will abide by the commandments of those they would govern. I certainly would be the first to sign this in affidavit form were there a populist movement for me as a write in candidate. It (write in) is the only way I’d do it, since the controlled media will otherwise make mincemeat out of anyone not on the agenda of your hidden Rulers. These ten points are little different in philosophy than what I provide for my patients in guiding healing. But even if a brave soul were to offer this to an electorate, it would still be hard to win, because you allowed your Rulers to marginalize those wanting responsibility for themselves to a larger “majority ruling” group of those who freely give up liberty while seeking security and living off the government teat rather than assume personal responsibility. Here are the Rowen 10 Commandments for Public Office.

1. He/she believes the function of limited government is to protect our borders and secure our unalienable Creator granted Rights, exactly as our Declaration of Independence states. “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” He/she proclaims that government derives its powers from we, the governed, to secure our Rights and takes no responsibility to make us happy other than protecting our personal Pursuit of Happiness so long as it does not tread on the Rights of another. No exchange of Freedom for security.

2. He/she believes in the Constitutional grants and limitations of power and expresses a willingness to point to the proper provision in the Constitution, which authorizes every act he/she does.

3. He/she is a man or woman who cannot be bought.

4. He/she believes it is better to teach someone to fish than give him fish.

5. He/she believes in an honest monetary system of fair weights and measures, not one based on printing fiat debt currency out of thin air and unconstitutionally compelling the People to use said debauched instruments.

6. He/she refuses any notion that corporations, and other fictions of law, are vested with such rights other than which society sees fit to grant them, since it is society which licenses them to “legally” exist in the first place. Corporations exist at the pleasure of society and therefore have a duty to the state and its people. Not the other way around. Since corporations exist at the pleasure of society, their contributions to the political process are also subject to the good of the People and can be limited by them. This will effectively drown out the government buy out by corporation and restore it rightfully to the People.

7. He/she recognizes that one role of government is to protect the environment, as the quality of the environment affects 100% of the People, and our very existence on this planet.

8. He/she believes it is the role of government to protect the Rights of the People to take care of themselves, inclusive of taking care of their own health absent government interference or limitation, and not deny the Right of the People to know what is in their food and where it comes from.

9. He/she believes in an unalienable Right to property and that it is not a power of government to take from one person to give to another (aka 3rd party theft).

10. He/she believes, in addition to protection of our borders, that the pathway to the surest personal and national security is personal freedom, and that people must account for and take responsibility for their own actions, not seeking handouts from government for the consequences and failures of voluntary personal actions.

I affirm that I will abide by these 10 commandments served on me by those I profess to serve. And, should I fail to uphold all these commandments together, I shall step down as unfit to serve those who have placed me in a position of the public trust.

John Q. Elected Office Seeker

(1) “”The Emperor Wears No Clothes” or “The Emperor Has No Clothes” is often used in political and social contexts for any obvious truth denied by the majority despite the evidence of their eyes, especially when proclaimed by the government.
When people say “The emperor wears no clothes”, they mean that other people need to stop being ass kissers to a political leader and see things for what they truly are instead of denying the truth of the situation.
It takes a person with guts to speak the truth and blast through the bullshit and lies.” (Urban Dictionary)

Folks, if you like this post and the Rowen 10 commandments for Public Office, you can do your part to help it go viral . Should something like this really go viral, you might see a change in the American political landscape in time for the next election. The internet makes this possible. This type of thing could trump all the election blood money Pharma and other corporations could throw at you and your Rulers. You are the frog in the pot of water that is approaching the boiling point. Jump out quickly or you (or your offspring) will surely be cooked.

Artwork courtesy of Nicholas Polu of our Facebook Family, with thanks.

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