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Colin Flaherty

Author ofWhite Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it

White Girl Bleed a Lot was written for the deniers: Reporters and public officials who deny black mob violence has reached epidemic levels. New videos mean denial is not an option any more. Many of these cases are now on YouTube. And for the first time, readers will be able to scan QR codes to follow the black mob violence on video as they read about it in the book. For the first time, readers will be able to see the huge difference between what big city newspapers say is happening. And what the videos show is really happening.

White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it is an Amazon #1 Best Seller. The new edition of White Girl Bleed a Lot documents more than 500 cases of black mob violence in more than 100 cities around the country. Many in 2013. Writing in National Review, Thomas Sowell said: ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.”

Readers learn about “Beat Whitey Night” at a Midwest state fair. Or how a Chicago Police Chief blamed the violence on Sarah Palin and the Pilgrims. Or how Oprah Winfrey gave $1 million to a Philadelphia charter school, only to see its students on video assaulting a white person shortly thereafter. Or how gays and Asians and women are particular targets. And how one congressman and former mayor said his city should not crack down on the violence because that will “just make a lot of black kids angry.” And how some people fight back.

Unlike most books about race, White Girl Bleed a Lot is not about causes. Or solutions. Or apologies. There are no stereotypes or generalizations. No racism or rancor. Just facts. Anthony Cumia, of the Opie and Anthony Show called White Girl Bleed a Lot a “Great Book.” As did national talk show host Jesse Lee Peterson. The San Francisco Examiner gave it 5 Stars. More reviews at White Girl Bleed a Lot is an Amazon #1 Best Seller. It has been featured in major national news sites including CNN, Salon, WND, Orange County Register, and more than 100 talk radio stations around the country.

Colin FlahertyColin Flaherty is an award winning reporter whose work and by-line has appeared in more than 1000 publications including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, and the San Diego Union-Tribune. He is a former ghost writer for the first black chair of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. He hosts a talk show at WDEL in Wilmington, Delaware. Colin Flaherty has won more than 50 awards for journalism, many from the Society of Professional Journalists. His story about a black man unjustly convicted of trying to kill his wife girl friend resulted in his release from state prison and was featured on NPR, the Los Angeles Time, and Court TV. – See more at:



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colin flaherty on mob violence and the media, december 4, 2014

'Colin Flaherty – Addressing the Epidemic Levels of Racial Violence – December 4, 2014' have 4 comments

  1. December 4, 2014 @ 12:36 pm Bernard

    I think on psychological level, black people are still bitter about slavery in the past. Deep down they felt that issue has not been resolved to their satisfaction. They felt that white people needed to be “punished” for that.

    So sub-consciously they are looking for every possible excuses to hate white folks so they have excuses to get back at them for what “they did” in the past. Unfortunately they are punishing the wrong generation of people.

    In other words, today’s racism and hatred toward white folks are the symptoms or manifestation of old unresolved emotional conflict.


  2. December 4, 2014 @ 6:14 pm Jonny

    Thanks for having the nerve to have this guy on…as a white
    person and a recovering liberal , i admit it is hard to take as
    “white guilt ” is foisted on whites endlessly for all the bad in the world….
    When really we’re responsible for 82% .
    Thx jb
    Ps thats a joke


  3. December 5, 2014 @ 9:56 am Collette

    Did not like this guy at all! That’s all I am going to say because I do not want to spend anymore energy on this guest.


  4. January 1, 2015 @ 1:26 pm Elliott

    I searched the WDEL website and could not find Colin Flaherty listed as the host of a talk radio show on that station. He may have had a show in the past until September 2013.

    Anybody know what’s up?


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