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David Goodman Ph.D

Neuroscientist, Writer, Lecturer

“Nothing is approved unless it diminishes the power of the brain” – David A. Goodman

Dr. Goodman, head of the Da Vinci Foundation for Discovering Human Genius, and developer of the Newport Neuroscience Center in the 1970s believes there is another direction for the future. It is to restore the best of Neuroscience during the Eisenhower and Kennedy years. Those were the days when no children took chronic drugs, legal and illegal, unless they were epileptic or diabetic.

Mental illness was virtually unknown in children. Education was to train up the higher powers of the cerebral cortex. This was the original meaning of high school. The university was meant to fill brains with pure knowledge and character growth suitable for the leadership class.

At least that was the hope. Somewhere along the way, higher education became a centibillion dollar industry becoming hierarchical as the Roman Catholic church with the academic equivalent of popes, bishops, cardinals and priests, and always the endless supply of acolytes willing to pay almost anything to join the secular church and thus qualify for a real job among the leadership elite.

The problem, of course, is the dangers of accumulation of power among the popes, bishops and cardinals. Their frequent declarations of what is mainstream cancer, heart disease, energy, population research etc. created a plethora of heretics whose outputs must be squelched lest the heretics threaten mainstream doctrine. Hence the new academic Church resorts to limitless methods to thwart competition.

Dr. Goodman spoke for tens of thousands of outliers called heretics by listing the tricks played on him and his ilk. These include: (a) refusal to give grants; (b) omission from advisory committees; (c) harassment when they appeal for funding; (d) destruction of their advertising material; (e) warning that their research can be classified as secret; (f) seduction by breathtakingly beautiful woman; and (g) spurious contracts.

More: (h) disruptive phone calls to employers; (i) threats to publishers; (j) investors cowed; (k) requests heretic goes into voluntary exile;

(l) punishments leaving little to the imagination; and much more. The purpose is to exercise proper church authority to keep the population attuned to the major teaching doctrine of diversity except when it entails approaches to science and solution to science problems.

Despite the hegemony of academic-government-corporate powers, Goodman believes there are solutions satisfactory to the general population permitting a better world for 2012 and beyond. He speculated on how most drugs and vaccinations approved by the FDA as well as food additive chemicals hold the potential to diminish human prefrontal lobe abilities, the higher nervous system activities of the human brain.

Dr. Goodman urged return to the powers of the prefrontal lobes in the individual and society that prevailed between 1958 and 1962 in world Neuroscience. This would safely and effortlessly reduce drug use by adults and children. He mentioned how his new firm, the Da Vinci Foundation for Discovering Human Genius, could elevate youth to access all 7 levels of neurological development, going beyond university.

He advised people to be skeptical of all claims about the powers and potential of the human brain, and all media pronouncements in general. He spoke to holding real debates between cardinals and heretics to restore a semblance of democracy to science. Most important of all, he urged Americans to rise above the Democlones and Republiclones to a true search for variety and diversity in the shared national future.

For an afterglow, the Neuroscientist guest pointed out how one highly motivated, well-educated, abstract and yet empathic citizen on essentially $18,000 a year can invent two biosciences of remote sensing and chronomics as well as do prime research into the repentant spirit; also becoming a world authority on Orwell’s 1984, and a stern warning voice about brain-damaging effects of polypharmacy.

His website is, and he prefers to receive email at [email protected]. His telephone number is 760-736-1975, and he receives surface mail at Box 803, San Marcos, CA 92079-0803.


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