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F. William Engdahl

Journalist, Historian and Leading Analyst of the New World Order


F. William Engdahl joins us every month with his update on world politics and the politics of oil. His latest book is Myths, Lies and Oil Wars.

Show Highlights:

-Mr. Engdahl shares details of his trip to Iran with former Senator Mike Gravel

-In 300 years if Iranian history,they have never sought to invade another country. They would just like to see the sanctions lifted

-As Iran as the “Boogeyman”, America can justify building up it’s military

-We need peace, not war nor economic sanctions

-What do the Gods of Money want from Iran?

-The nonsense of Peak Oil

-The Keystone Pipeline

-The government of Iran is not so dysfunctional, the traffic, on the other hand, is a whole other story

-How did the oil prices manage to hit $147/barrel in 2008?

-The economy is booming in Germany

-Oil: One of the most controlled markets in the world

-The endgame in Syria: Mr. Engdahl ives his opinion

-There’s anarchy and chaos in Libya-Certainly very different from the Gaddafi days

-Keeping the tensions HOT between North and South Korea

-The Muslim Brotherhood update in Egypt

-Why such an interest in Mali?

-The passing of Hugo Chavez: Will his death have an impact on the world oil markets?

-What is abiotic oil?

-Today marks the 2 year anniversary of Fukushima-Is Germany the only country looking to walk away from nuclear energy?

and so much more!


For more information visit his website

f. william engdahl, geo politics, money and oil, march 11, 2013

'F. William Engdahl -Journalist, Historian and Leading Analyst of the New World Order – We Need Peace, Not War Nor Economic Sanctions – March 11, 2013' has 1 comment

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