Gerald Brown

Cooperative Federalism 

Did you know that The General Government (USG) has no authourity over you?

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Gerald Brown is a student of exactly what is the relationship of the states to the general government.  Most will be pleasantly surprised to know that the general government has absolutely no say in the lives of people living in the several states, (now fifty) – with their only jurisdiction in the ten square mile area called Washington D.C. and the various territories.  WOW!

Gerald Brown is author of "In Their Own Words" The book draws special attention to the issues of sovereignty, citizenship, the rights of Americans, the binding nature of regulations, and remedies for the innocent.

This treatise (below) is available in booklets to give to friends and family.  Also a complete work with over 1,700 citations entiltled "In Their Own Words".  email Mr. Brown – [email protected]

His address is:

1040 Mt. Vernon Ave. G-118                

Colton, CA 92324                              

Read his piece called  Cooperative Federalism now

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  1. October 22, 2019 @ 5:13 pm Net Shepherd

    Cooperative Federalism must be thoroughly viewed, accurately identified and secured by all who care about American Society. The knowledge shared here, on the topic of Cooperative Federalism, must become common to the conversations of American’s through out American Society. From here we must organize it’s application to every action of the United States government. If an existing on going activity of the United States federal government is not specifically given mention in the U.S. Constitution it is obvious it is not among the 19 enumerated services offered by the States of the Union to the United States federal government. Ideally, all services rendered by the federal government, but not lawfully tendered by the States of the Union, must cease to be funded immediately, organized for public examination and re-habilitation or dismantling begun as soon as possible.
    For example… the FBI does not possess a legal (congressional) charter. It simply operates on a contractual basis with the United States government (and assumed other clients). You can ultimately thank Teddy Roosevelt for that. Congress had turned down the second application for legal charter, so when summer break came and congress was out of town President Roosevelt quietly gave the orders to make a way for the FBI in the year 1908. Where is the Minnesota State Commission on false law enforcement when you need them. A State National or State Citizen watchdog group must govern the existence of all law enforcement, particularly including the weapons of weather warfare currently in the possession of the US Navy. Our nation is being dismantled by an out of control military industrial complex through geo engineering. We will have to reign them in as well. In the same manner employed by the United States federal government to dare to implement their coup, by deceitful activity, we come along now with the necessary knowledge to unwind the creation of their downfall.
    The United States government has fallen into the clenching grasp of the Clearfield Doctrine. Good luck breaking free from that! You are reading this right, the United States government is now just another mere for profit corporation (always was) and now further subject to all common corporate regulations, policies and statute. The knowledge is available to anyone who knows what to do with the information.
    So, there is no contract between us and most of the alphabet gangs, and apart from a contract with a client in possession of law enforcement authority, all of these three or more letter agency gangsta’s simply have no right to even interact with American Society, ever! Don’t forget, they cannot lawfully enforce law they do not possess the authority to enforce since they have given up their sovereignty. It is an ever changing world in which we’re living…but give it a try.
    I have to admit I am looking forward to Dr. Brown’s co-authored work called “In their Own Words”.

    Net Shepherd


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