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Flood Your Body with Oxygen

Blake Miller has dedicated over 18 years to research and education of the most effective cleansing techniques using non-invasive oxygen/ozone therapies. His passion in the field of wellness and longevity has led him to teach self-care through total body purification and superfood nourishment.

Blake works with the world’s leading health experts and Naturopath Doctors to create the most complete wellness programs in the country. His expertise includes purifying the blood, liver, colon, lymph and fat.

Blake Miller is an expert on live blood education using the latest equipment in dark field microscopy. Being a physical fitness specialist, Blake offers exercise programs, detox therapies, and nutrition regimens for beginners to professional athletes. Blake offers his knowledge and services to anyone who is ready for a serious shift in wellness.

Show Highlights:

-Incorporating more raw foods into the diet for the enzymes if for no other reason

-Blake has been using ozone/oxygen therapy for 20 years

-Using an ozone sauna for cleansing the lymphatic system; Blake explains how it works

-Isn’t ozone therapy unnatural? Blake answers this question. Oxygen is after all the most important thing the body needs

-Blake describes what is going on in the cells when ozone is shot into the skin

-Getting after fungus and infection with ozone; it only goes after unhealthy cells

– Will anal ozone insufflation kill the beneficial bacteria in the colon?

-If one is eating a raw diet why would there be a need to do ozone therapy?

and so much more!!

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blake miller on ozone therapy and more, march 15, 2016

'Blake Miller – Achieving Optimal Health Through Flooding the Body with Oxygen – March 15, 2016' has 1 comment

  1. March 28, 2016 @ 8:31 am Aly

    Really enjoyed this! I’m in Aledo, so I may pay him a visit. I’ve been raw high fruit a long time but not all organic etc… How fun to dig deeper with ozone! Patrick after you do it, do another show sharing your experience.


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