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dr stuart nunnally on true holistic dental care, july 29, 2014


-What does Dr. Nunnally recommend for reversing hypercalcification in a child?

-I ended up having some decay in between two of my back teeth, and chose to have them pulled instead of doing root canals, based on information I have heard regarding root canals possibly leading to systemic infection down the road. I chose to have a bridge done, but was horrified when I saw they had drilled down two of my good teeth in order to install the bridge, when I thought it was only going to be one. Putting that aside, does Dr. Nunnally think bridges are okay, or would implants or a partial bridge have been better? It looks like I have had some bone loss on my X-rays.

Also, what is the result of pulling those two teeth, and filing down the other two (where the roots were left intact) over time?

How long do bridges typically last if they are well taken care of?

I have heard discussions that coconut oil swishing is good for infection, but does not pull out toxins, but sesame oil will pull out toxins – does Dr. Nunnally have an opinion.

Final question, I promise – I believe Ramil Nagel suggested Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil blend in his book for helping with tooth decay, so I have been using it, but then it sounds like Dr. Lita Lee and others (Brian Peskin?) are against all fish oils, saying they are rancid – I am so confused as to what is best – what does Dr. Nunnally think? Is this fermented cod liver oil blend helpful for healing tooth decay and keeping gums healthy?

-My understanding is Dr. Huggins is very against implants including the new zirconium. As according to him anything you put in your mouth is a foreign substance and you will contract some sort of autoimmume disease, etc. The only question is when. What is your position on zirconium implants?

I understand patients are requesting them, but if health is your main concern what is your advice?

-Please ask what is his opinion on using zirconium for implants and what he recommends for bone grafts-particularly what he feels about using cadaver bone for grafts.

-I agree with you that Dr. Nunnally is the best dentist in the world, not to mention one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life!

I have a question – what is Dr. Nunnally’s opinion of using a device such as Dr. Tennant’s biomodulator or the low level laser to regrow bone after cavitation surgery? And what about someone who has nerve damage from a wisdom tooth surgery gone wrong? (not from Dr. Nunnally of course:)

-Do you think it’s possible to save a crowned tooth that needs a root canal with nutrition?

Can you drill through a Cerec (porcelain) crown and not crack it?

Do you think it is possible to get a very well done root canal by a dentist who understands the necessity of sterilizing the drilled site and be “okay” if you have an excellent immune system?
Background if you need it:
I am 45 years old. I have a whole food diet – no processed food. I had all my amalgams removed about 10 years ago (Huggins protocol – no issues and all went well). When the dentist was putting a new Cerec crown in, he mentioned the tooth “might not make it” because so much of it had to be drilled away for the crown. It’s now 10 years later, and I’m experiencing some discomfort, but no hot/cold sensitivity. Based on cloudiness on an X-ray, my new dentist (I moved out of state) says it needs a root canal & is dying at the base. I am very scared to have it pulled and would worry about pain and non-compatibility of an implant. It is 3rd tooth from the back on the bottom right.

-I visited with a new dentist who claims that he rarely crowns teeth. Instead he rebuilds teeth with different layers of composite resins. He calls this a biomimetic restoration. Could Dr Nunnally comment on this procedure and any possible problems?

-I am about to have 2 teeth extracted, one that’s dead and has an abcess and another with a root canal from the 90s, are there different ways that you extract these two teeth

Can you talk about the benefits of high levels of Vit C (IV) while treatment is being done, is it a big deal with these extractions?

-My father has cancer and he has cavitations, a root canal, some mercury fillings and he also has a bridge that is made out of nickel right on the meridians where his cancer is. What have been the results, what have you seen of the people that come to your office who have cancer and do a dental revision?

-Please ask about stainless steel crowns on kids-what is in them. My child has had food sensitivities all his life, but about two and half years ago they got really bad and seem to be to a lot of things he used to be able to eat. He gets cramps and whole body hives, with vision changes and his pulse becomes erratic. This is about the same time he got 3 stainless steel caps on his back permanent molars. I hear tons of info on mercury toxicity but not a lot on other metals used in dental offices. Thoughts on what to use instead?

-Thanks for the show! I have a few teeth in my mouth that seem to be eroding away near the gum line but they don’t show up as cavities in an ex-ray. From time to time they get sensitive. Do you know what is going on with these teeth?

-I have been considering getting rid of my amalgam fillings for some time but haven’t moved on it yet for several reasons.

Could the good doctor comment on the following:

What is the ball park cost of removal? In my case, I have 2 on the same side, top and bottom.

Is it painful? One of my fillings seems to be the entire the tooth, I can see the silver color even on the side of the tooth. This has concerned me.

With detoxification regimes ongoing, like taking the sulfur, how important is it to get these out? I am 40 years old and very healthy.

-What is the best way to whiten teeth naturally?

-Great Show! Please ask Dr. Nunnally…should you have time

Lyme Disease, Fibro and chronic fatigue aside (that’s another story)…my upper first molars are a much darker colour than my other teeth…could this be down to sinus infections.
Can sinus infections cause chronic fatigue?

-I have eleven mercury filings and at time I can taste the metals, is there an alternative to mercury. I know there is a white substance filling, is it safe to go that route? and what would be a good maintenance for healthy teeth and gum?

-If there is wear on the molars so that the molars aren’t all touching evenly, is there a procedure to build up the surface areas of the molars without having to use crowns (the molars all have composite fillings) ? One of Patrick’s previous dental guests spoke about side effects of this condition.

-I have had all my root canals and mercury removed. I only now have 3 gold onlays on my strong back teeth. Is there a test or way to be sure that I have no mercury under these onlays. It would be a shame to remove them only to find they were good.

-I had a tooth exacted a month ago and ever since I have experienced light head feelings, went to the doctor and can’t find anything wrong. What should I try next?

-I heard Hal Huggins state that it’s imperative not to drive more than three miles after getting a root canal extracted due to movement in the car disrupting the bold clot. A holistic dentist in our area is located in the suburbs and there is NO place to stay in the area. so how long should someone wait it out before heading home. Should the patient insist on relaxing in the office for several hours?

-I just purchased a titanium toothbrush and ozonated gum gel from Living Libations. What does Dr Nunnally think of the titanium interacting with saliva and killing germs and the gum gel?

I got my Nutribiotics C today. Can he mention again how to make a mouth rinse using the same vitamin C as you do.

-What does your guest think about plant based ( almost vegan) diet and can one get enough saturated fat to be healthy with coconut oil?

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