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Dr. Richard Massey joins us LIVE once a month to take health questions from our listeners. He is an MD practicing Wholistic and Natural Medicine.
Meridian Grace has over 40 years of experience and worked with thousands of clients. Since she was 14 years old, she knew that high quality life includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Tirelessly researching all these years, she integrates the wisdom of the ancients with the most up to date technology. She continually attends workshops, classes, and seminars to explore new ideas and technology in all aspects of the holistic health field. Meridian greets you with a compassionate listening heart.

Massey and Meridian

Show Highlights:

-The work of Dr. Thomas Cowan: The heart is not a pump; it only pumps out what is put in; the 4 phases of water

-Meridian compares Dr. Cowan’s work and theory to inclined bed therapy; trees don’t have a heart , but somehow water flows up the tree

-Dealing with stress; is it really so bad or can it be good for health?

-“The entire body is a thought form”, says Patrick. He explains how it is

-Resolving traumas in our past; Dr. Massey shares a fascinating story of one of his patients

-Dr. Massey addresses why people commit suicide; what it is that really moves a person to take their own life? Dr. Massey talks about this subject in response to the following email sent in from a listener:My husband is 60 yrs old has had a lot of stress for the last three weeks. This triggered what the
“Drs” would probably call OCD type behavior. He continually, over and over, talks about an incident that happened. It’s been a week now and he’s starting not to talk about it so much ,but now seems a little depressed. He does take Metformin , but does not really watch his sugar, and he is a smoker. His Dad committed suicide, his brother and sister are on drugs for mental disorders, and his mother was the same as his dad. Is this a generational thing?

-A listener has a friend who’s throat closes up on her; Meridian Grace and Dr. Massey share some ideas to deal with it

-Homeopathic bee venom in place of an epi-pen will get you to the hospital in the case of severe allergic reactions

-How to find out whether your bed is in a geopathic zone. Hint: Cat’s love to be in places that are dangerous to humans

-Meridian Grace gives an update on what’s going on with the ‘pink’ lotion they have been experimenting with

-Roger, from FL, sends in a funny Foster Brooks/ Dean Martin skit. Remember them? Hysterical Roger also has a friend with no energy and asks for a little advice on how he can help him

-Question from a listener: What does the recall healing say about “rupture appendicitis”? My friend had a ruptured appendix about 4 months ago and is still feeling delicate around the wound. Would Castor oil help around healing the surgery scar?

-DMSA chelation

-Looking for a ‘good’ doctor? Take a look at Quackwatch and if they’re on there, most likely they’re doing some healing ;-) Most of our favorites are there!

-Questions from a listener:

1. Coffee enemas – what if the clock says your time is up but you don’t have to go? I can follow all the directions, but the enema just ends up getting lost up there…is that bad?

2. Also, would I benefit from magnesium sulfate being added to a coffee enema? I’m always looking for ways to up my magnesium, and Stefanie Seneff speaks so much about sulfate. I’ve read online that this can be done, but will the magnesium sulfate harm gut flora?

-Question from a listener: What type of supplements or therapies would they recommend for getting mold out of their bodies?

-Question from a listener:I’ve been suffering from cramps in my feet and the lower outside parts of my legs between the calves and the feet. I get the total RDA’s of Magnesium and Potassium and drink about 40-50 ounces of water a day. I eat whole foods and don’t get much salt from my diet so I started taking about a teaspoon of sea salt in water but I still am prone to cramps at night. Do I need more salt? Is the taboo on salt going to be like the taboo on saturated fats? Any ideas you could think of if you were going through the same thing?

-Question from a listener:Meridian mentioned on the show that coffee doesn’t affect her sleep, and she can drink coffee right before going to bed. This means that she’s parasympathetic dominant. I’m the same way. Does this mean that I’m also parasympathetic? What does it mean to be sympathethic or parasympathetic dominant, and how does one find out which type a person is? Meridian explains

-Dr. Massey shares a good place to find mesosilver

and so much more!!!!!
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dr richard massey and meridian grace, december 22, 2015, hour one

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  1. December 25, 2015 @ 12:51 pm Jacquie

    It’s always so much fun when Dr Massey & Meridian visit!


  2. December 25, 2015 @ 10:34 pm Cranthon Plobotnik

    You owe us for november doc massey!


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