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Maintaining a Healthy Body To Transport Spirit Living Within

Oh, the places we went during this interview with Christopher Vasey. We talked about natural remedies for inflammation, detoxification, the acid-alkaline diet and what happens to us after we die and so much more!!

Christopher VaseyChristopher Vasey is a naturopath and author living in Chamby-Montreux, Switzerland.

He studied at a naturopathy school in Paris under the supervision of P.V. Marchesseau and Alain Rousseaux.

In 1979 he started his own practice. Alongside his therapeutic work, he continued his formation by studying the works of famous naturopaths such as Dr. Paul Carton, Herbert Shelton, Robert Masson, R. Jackson, Kneipp, etc. In 1981, he organized his own introductory courses to naturopathy and started teaching in various health-oriented associations (natural medicine therapists, staff of health shops …)

From 1988 onwards, his many books on natural medicine have been published by Editions Jouvence, Geneva, Switzerland. Part of these books are now available in English, published by Inner Traditions, Vermont, USA. Among others “The Acid alkaline Diet”, “The Naturopathic Way”, “Optimal Detox” … (see the complete list in the “books” section of this website).

Some of Christopher Vasey’s books are also available in other languages, such as German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese …

Since 1994 he has also written books on spiritual themes. Available in English: “The Secret of the blood” and “Gnomes, Elves, Nixies … a worldwide knowledge”.

Christopher Vasey gives lectures regularly in Europe (Switzerland, France, Scandinavia, Iceland …), in the USA and Canada. He takes part in Book Fairs and natural medicine exhibitions, as well in radio programs. He writes for several nature- and health-oriented magazines and for spiritual publications, among others the “GrailWorld”.

Show Highlights:
-The Swiss embrace naturopathy, but there’s still a mission to keep people in allopathic medicine
-Great tips on detoxification
-Patrick asks Dr. Vasey about grains; should we be eating them?
-The causes of constipation
-Getting the liver happy with Rosemary
-The importance of drinking water even when not thirsty; Dr. Vasey says that many people no longer receive the signal of thirst
-A listener writes in about a problem with rheumatoid arthritis; is there any hope? Dr. Vasey says ‘yes’ and gives some excellent ideas
-Dr. Vasey talks about us being soul using the body to get around; he talks about spiritual planes and what he thinks happens to us after we die physically
-The only true living thing in a person is his spirit
-The acid/alkaline diet
-The emotions change the way the body functions
-Changing the composition of the blood through diet
and so much more!

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dr chistopher vasey on health from a naturopathic perspective, may 7, 2015

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