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Troubleshooting Power Quality Problems: Dirty Electricity, Electrical Pollution, Stray Voltage, etc.

Dave StetzerOver the past decade, Dave Stetzer has focused on troubleshooting power quality problems, specifically the problem of dirty electricity (electrical pollution, “stray voltage”), in the United States and in numerous countries throughout the world. His work in this area led to the development of the STETZERiZER® Filter, the world’s first power line EM (electromagnetic) filter.

Dave Stetzer has been an electrician by training, education and experience for over 30 years. He joined the United States Air Force in December 1970 and began his career in electricity when he attended electronics school at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi Mississippi from February through November 1971. At that time, Keesler AFB was known as the world’s #1 electronics school.

During this training Dave was given top-secret military clearance, as much of the electronic equipment he worked on was, and still remains, highly classified. Dave completed training as a ground radio communications electronics technician and was assigned to the 676 Radar Squadron, Antigo Air Force Station, Antigo, Wisconsin. There he diagnosed and repaired a variety of electronic equipment, including PC boards, Klystron tubes and integrated circuits, as well as highly classified military electronic equipment, employing among other things, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, and digital frequency counters.

In 1975, Dave founded Stetzer Electric, Inc. and remains the president of the company to this day. Since the firm’s inception, Dave has specialized in power control in industry, municipalities, and motor control centers. For more than the past decade, Dave has focused more attention on power quality anlysis and troubleshooting, which led to the founding of Stetzer Consulting, LLC and the development of the STETZERiZER (Graham-Stetzer) Filter and Microsurge Meter.

Show Highlights:

-High frequencies (>60 cycles) created by diodes switching on and off and pulsing AC, which has internal biological effects.

-Cancer rates shot up after large cities, e.g. New York City, Paris, were electrified.

-Challenge of dirty electricity in wires. Symptoms of CF, fibromyalgia, ADD overlay with symptoms of high frequency. Neurotransmitters are released into urine under stress, reduced with Stetzer filter.

-Suppression of information about effects of electricity. Pharma and power companies are #1 and #2 soft money contributors to politicians.

-Clean linear loads (lights, motors) vs. dirty non-linear (electronics) modes. Switchable power supplies have created overload. Neutral wiring not big enough to handle the load, so power companies now allowed to dissipate overload through the ground in addition to the power returned through the wires to the substation. Has increased ground current everywhere; the ground is no longer at zero.

-Milk production of cows decreases, somatic cell count increases, with increased ground current.

-In Europe, all power returned to substation through wires and not into the earth.

-When working on a computer, you build up a charge like a capacitor. The body holds a charge and it’s good to discharge. Instead of buying grounding technology which doesn’t work with today’s increased ground current, stand on aluminum foil for a minute to discharge. Good to discharge before going to bed for the night.

-Grounding mats useful only if you don’t plug them in. No additional benefit from adding copper on top of the aluminum foil.

-YouTube videos on how to check your body’s voltage are wrong. Current causes the damage, not the voltage. Can measure current in body with a Fluke 189 or 287 multimeter.

-Stetzerizer Filters filter out the most biologically active frequencies of 4-100 kz by shorting out the high frequencies. Won’t wear out. UL approved. Measurable improvements in biomarkers with filter use.

-Smart meters that transmit through space send 50 kz into the air.

-Milk production drops significantly with LED lights. The day a dairy installed LEDs was the day milk production dropped. 3 cows died on same day from cancer 3 months after LED lights were installed. Technology is available at a reasonable cost to make LED lights totally safe, but manufacturers won’t use it.

-Dr. Neil Cherry of New Zealand reviewed the research literature and concluded EMFs are not safe.

-EMFs from GPS units, exercise apps.

-No literature showing clean 60 cycle sine wave energy is bad for you.

-Rms reading on a multimeter needs to be multiplied by 3 to get true reading. sells protection devices for reducing EMFs. Stetzer Electric has fabrics available for reducing smart meter EMFs.

-Nursing homes have a lot of electrical pollution. Smart refrigerators and freezers emit wifi, try to talk to smart meters. Dave doesn’t worry about LCD displays.

-Compact fluorescent lights put 50-100 kz on every wire in house and radiate EMFs through space. Mercury released if broken. Don’t want CFLs. Dimmable LEDs are bad. Incadescent bulbs are the best.

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dave stetzer on the good, the bad and ugly with electricity, september 8, 2016, hour one

'Dave Stetzer – Troubleshooting Power Quality Problems: Dirty Electricity, Electrical Pollution, Stray Voltage, etc. – September 8, 2016' have 3 comments

  1. September 9, 2016 @ 9:05 pm Steve

    CFL lightbulbs produce a lot of high frequency EMF radiation due to the built-in power-switching supply. Even though incandescent light bulbs were phased out starting in 2007, the government regulations contained a loophole that allowed production of longer-lasting energy efficient versions. Listen to Larry Birnbaum of at 28.5 minutes into this episode of the RSB show:

    GE also has a line of energy efficient incandescent light bulbs:

    Recent work continues on making incandescent bulbs more efficient. MIT researchers are using nanotechnology to develop a bulb that reflects heat energy back to the filament to be recycled into light energy:


  2. September 14, 2016 @ 4:33 pm Ray

    It was Tesla that wanted AC, not Edison.


    • September 17, 2016 @ 10:20 pm Jan

      Nope Tesla wanted DC as he always dealt in direct current. It was Edison that wanted AC so he could charge money for parts that converted the energy from DC to AC.


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