David Wolfe

Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert

Show Highlights:

-How David Wolfe came to adopt a raw food diet

-What are some foods and lifestyle changes which aid to increase HCL?

-The #1 cause of digestive problems

-A listener has problems with dark spots on his skin which can be peeled off. David gives a general background on skin problems and suggest liver cleansing for better skin health

-Oranges as an excellent antioxidant

-David says the “Fit for Life Diet” is outdated. Why?

-Liver cleanses: Simple basic ways to detox the liver

-Gogi berries and Cacao: The new heavy hitters of nutrition

-Chanca Piedra: A great herb for breaking up stones in the gallbladder

-Nanobacteria: The real cause of calcification and the root cause of most chronic disease

-Pulling off bad calcium in the body using MSM, DMSO and EDTA chelation therapy

-David shares an excellent list of natural and herbal antibiotics

-The Spiritual Immune Tonic System

-How much protein does a person need daily and what are good sources when on a raw food or vegetarian diet?

and so much more!



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  1. November 2, 2013 @ 10:55 pm cab

    Dr. Judy Wood says the exact same thing as David Wolfe about free energy. Free energy was used to accomplish the disappearance of 7 buildings on 9/11, poof. They turned to dust and blew away in a few hours. Gone.

    That same energy can provide energy to all our homes and cars and anything else.

    Should get Dr. Wood on to talk about that.

    And we are not going around the galaxy. We are the speck in the center of the snowflake — the arms are the formations around the dust speck, which is us. Earth. Something had to be the center, and it is us. And what is going around us is not stars, it’s stars and galaxies. We are the dust in the center of the UNIVERSE.

    If not us, then who? Things are created with symmetry everywhere we look. Things are not random or out of whack at all. Where is the speck of dust in the center of the snowflake, with the formations arranged around it? Where?


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