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Dr. Amelia Hardwick


Holistic and Integrative Psychology

A clinical practice of psychology that addresses the client at ALL levels ~Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual.
Facilitating healing at the level of causation, not just management and treatment of symptoms.

Holistic Psychology does not mean “all natural.”


Integrative means, using many toolstogether to bring wholeness.

Symptom’s can develop because ofmultiple reasons; not just the usual suspects andwe need to look at the whole person not just themind if we want better results!

Environmental Toxins, Hormonal Imbalances, Energetic Imbalances, Vitamin, Mineral, & Amino Acid Deficiencies, Poor Nutrition, Infection & Pathogens, Sleep Disturbance, Absence of Spiritual Connection, Unresolved Trauma and Cellular Memory, Dysfunctional Thinking and Behavioral Patterns, Lifestyle and Stress.

“Healing is like solving a puzzle and youneed all the pieces to make it complete”

Dr. Amelia collects ALL the essential pieces of each client’s personal healing puzzle, bringing them back into balance and wholeness, assisting them to manifest their highest potential!

Dr. Amelia Hardwick

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Show Highlights:

-The importance of amino acids and good nutrition to balance brain chemistry

-Using Total Recall Healing for getting to the root of illness; the root cause is usually an emotional and/or spiritual issue

-How emotions get stuck in the body

-Why detoxing the body of toxins is not enough when the emotions are still being held

-When addressing any illness it’s necessary to ask if their are secondary gains

-The vicious cycle of alcoholism and missing nutrients

and so much more!

dr amy hardwick and healing thru the inner path, september 3, 2015

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