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Dr. Bob Dowling

Oral Pathology and the Connection to Cancer

Dr. Dowling is the founder of the North Carolina Institute of Technology. He estimates that 95% of people have oral pathology. What this means is the presence of a root canal, wisdom teeth that were improperly removed, or a tooth that has been improperly capped. Oral pathology can be suggested by a thermal image (which can find tumors in women’s breasts 10 years before a mammogram can). However, the prefatory step to actual dental extraction is to have a CAT-scan of one’s mouth. Is this a stride forward from the old dental X-ray technique? That depends upon who you ask. Standard X-rays offer more detail, but a CAT-scan is supposed to show “cavitations.” One gets a whole panorama of the mouth, top and bottom, in one large X-ray-like glance. According to Dr. Dowling, removal of the dead tooth (i.e., root canal tooth) from the jaw will put an end to the neurotoxins that fester here and that spread throughout the body. These are the cause of many degenerative diseases, e.g., cancer, Lou Gehrig’s disease, etc. This, together with Dr. Dowling’s proprietary enzyme liquid supplement and bio-ablation of any tumor(s), offers hope to those who would otherwise be slashed, burned, and poisoned by the traditional treatment.

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Show Highlights:

-Thermal imaging: How does it work? Why doesn’t the medical system use it?

-The technology is much better in Ecuador.

-Dr. Dowling was the catalyst for Patrick getting his root canals taken out.

-Sr. Dowling had a tumor in his descending colon and some heart issues. After he had his root canals taken out, his problems ceased.

-Dr. Dowling tells us about several patients who recovered and were cancer free after using Dr. Dowling’s technology.

-Eggs have no effect on cholesterol levels; higher cholesterol is better; running between 200-250 is good; the brain needs it to function better.

-Dr. Dowling talks about how we’re an electric organism and how the EMFs are cutting our lives short.

-Cleaning the calcium out of the arteries.

-What does doctor Dowling think of bone grafts and tooth implants in general? What does doctor Dowling think of titanimu vs. zirconium implants?If the choice is between a bridge and an implant, what does Dr Dowling prefer?

-Would you rather die than have your teeth pulled? All root canals are bad so pulling a tooth is always the best thing to do.

-Why does the ADA still encourage root canals? It’s all about the money at this point.

-What is a cavitation and why is it bad?

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dr. bob dowling with root canal dangers and all oral issues connection with disease, jan 30, 2017

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