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The Benefits of a Raw Diet

Dr. Bob MarshallROBERT MARSHALL, Ph.D. received his Degree from Columbia Pacific University, Mill Valley, California in 1978. Later, he received a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) Degree from the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, Texas. He was the President of the Association from 1998-2000.

Dr. Marshall began an unexpected career in Nutrition when he himself contracted a nearly fatal, undiagnosable illness in 1969. Many forms of Medical Therapy provided no help.

To find answers, he extensively studied Nutritional and Biochemical Research, using this information to design his own nutritional program and to ultimately effect a full recovery. Observing the widespread suffering around him, he sought to repay the great help he had been given through Nutritional Therapy.

Dr. Marshall then began providing comprehensive Nutritional Counseling and Lifestyle Programs for the chronically ill. He is one of the most effective Clinical Nutritionists in the U.S. today, having one of the largest Nutritional Practices in the world.
His weekly international radio broadcast, HealthLine, has aired for over 14 years, offering insightful, life-saving information to thousands of listeners on Health and Nutrition. This program airs each Saturday and is networked to 16 states. It can be heard in Southern California on KRLA-AM-870 Saturdays 7:00-7:30 a.m. and on other stations.

Dr. Marshall is one of the authors of the first Computerized Nutrition and Health Habits Evaluation, which has proven invaluable to many doctors to help evaluate their patients’ nutritional needs.

Currently, Dr. Marshall is the CEO of Quantum Nutrition Labs, which he founded to deliver 100% non-toxic and effective nutritional products. He also maintains Clinics in Torrance, California and Round Rock, Texas, where he continues to test and refine new and existing nutritional formulations.

Show Highlights:

-Dr. Bob Marshall goes deeply into to many foods and the best way to preparethem if they can’t be eaten raw.

-Patrick asks Dr. Marshall, an expert in tropical medicine, what he thinks of theEbola issue

-Epigenetics – what is it and how do we utilize this information to live a long healthy life?

-How over cooking-frying-grilling-baking damages the proteins and wreaks havoc in the body

-Can one make it on a vegan or vegetarian diet?

-The two key, most important things: Minerals and food digestion

-Is there an ideal diet to reverse the side effects of chemotherapy?

-What is the recommended dosage of Selenium and Zinc on a daily basis?

-Dr. Marshall suggests taking Betaine HCl asa personages. Would taking Betaine HCl wear down the stomach lining? What aboutfor people with sensitive stomachs?

-Why duck eggs are preferable to chicken eggs

-How to cook beans to relax and detox from pollution

-Natural vitamin C sources and Ascorbic Acid

-Dr. Marshall, who used to raise champion dogs, talks about diet and supplementation for canines

-The very best ways to get selenium and zinc

-The magic of Aloe Vera and the different kinds

-How much protein is sufficient?

-Calcium rich clay with food to detox glyphosates in gmo’s and tips on the growing the best vegetables ever


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drl bob marshall, phd on diet and food prep for longevity, october 16, 2014, hour one

'Dr. Bob Marshall – The Way We Cook Our Food Is A Very, Very Big Deal; Doing It Right For Optimal Results – October 16, 2014' have 4 comments

  1. October 21, 2014 @ 6:50 pm CAB

    Thank you, Patrick and Sharon. This was one of your best shows yet. This is my favorite website to hang out on, and I have learned so much here. The only thing wrong with this program was two hours was too short — needed another hour. It went so fast, and could not cover all the material because there wasn’t time.

    I raise shelties also, and agree with Dr. Marshal about feeding raw food, making all the difference. When the guest said it was a difference between living 6 years or 25 years, that got my attention! I feed my dogs raw chicken, a little every day, including the bone. We don’t do doctors and we don’t do vets, and hopefully never have to do dentists again either.

    So much good stuff here, have listened twice, will listen again.


  2. October 25, 2014 @ 3:42 pm James

    great interview, and i agree with CAB, as there was so much great info to share. i could listen to your interview with Dr. Marshall, as well as Tony P. for days on end! keep up the superb work, and thank you! may God bless you and Sharon!


  3. October 26, 2014 @ 6:49 am jade certosimo

    I would like to know the amino acid he mention that helps arthitis.and I just love when dr.bob marshal is a host on your talk show.thank you


  4. October 26, 2014 @ 8:16 am CAB
    Oh, brother. Here we go again — Mercola is promoting Dr. Rowen’s STUPID idea for curing Ebola, latest thing I got in my email box this morning. This guy Dr. Rowen is dangerous, no other word for it! Him and his stupid ozone therapy, take people’s blood out and put ozone in it, use IVs to fill people up with ascorbic acid? Good way to die QUICK, and if you survive you will not be the same!

    Rowen doesn’t know how to cure Ebola, and I don’t think he knows how to cure ANYTHING! I am so angry with these people who tell you to take mountains of ascorbic acid. Ozone has always been told to us to be destructive to the human body, and he is also promoting that as an IV therapy.

    I can tell you from personal experience, mine and my friends who tried it also, that high dose ascorbic acid will age and kill you quicker than anything out there.
    And Dr. Marshall said ozone is NOT a good thing to put in the body.

    High dose vitamin C nearly killed me, and my friend and her mother also. (actually I think it did kill my friend’s mother, who didn’t live much longer after they did the high dose C routine together).

    I am still recuperating from my date with high dose ascorbic acid (which is NOT vitamin C) – and it is a long, slow process to get my strength back. My heart is still swollen, my ankles are swollen, my strength is zilch. I am babying myself, eating lots of fresh greens and raw, organic food, raw milk and kefir, all the good stuff, and avoiding the better living thru chemistry routine. I’m making myself soups and smoothies using real food.

    Dr. Marshall strikes me as somewhat of a nutritional genius, a humble man who knows a ton of stuff and has the academic training and mental ability to put it all together. The guy is a chemist, and chemists have the inside scoop on nutrition if anyone does. He’s also a fanatical seeker of answers and truth to solve the mysteries of nutrition and I instinctively trust this man. I think he’s got the credentials, the proofs, in his own products and in the products he recommends for supplements.

    These people promoting high dose ascorbic acid and ozone therapy should be taken out and SHOT! It’s all lies. As Dr. Marshall stated on Patrick Timpone’s last show, the “Orthomolecular Man” Linus Pauling recommended no more than 10 grams of C a day and to take it with abundant bioflavonoids. Andrew Saul and Robert Rowen, what’s the deal with them promoting a death message as they do for this crazy high dosing of ascorbic acid? Same with Mike Adams promoting this “ascorbic acid as magic pixie dust cure-all” –who BTW is also selling hazmat suits on his website.

    These guys are just mercenaries, IMO. Some people will do anything to make a buck. It bothers me so much to see this kind of thing. Mercola is giving a double message, and he does that quite a lot. So irresponsible to advocate high dose C and ozone for Ebola, when it is a disease that causes severe dehydration.

    Dr. Eric Berg says people would be better off to take vinegar, than to take ascorbic acid for ANYTHING, that ascorbic acid has cofactors (vitamins K, P, F and mineral copper) that ascorbic acid will chelate straight out of the body and CAUSE scurvy, not cure it. Dr. Kim also says to use rose hips or ascerola as a vitamin C source, that ascorbic acid is not really vitamin C, that C comes as a complex, not an isolate.

    People who have severe, debilitating diarrhea need fluids, not ascorbic acid. Dr. Jennifer Daniels would agree with this also.


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