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Dr. Dana Cohen, M.D.

Are You a Mosquito Magnet?

Survey Shows Fears Soaring About Bug Bite Viruses, But Practical Prevention Steps Can Keep You Calm

There hasn’t been a travel advisory in the continental United States since polio but now with the outbreak of Zika in Florida we have one and mosquito bites are inciting fear among many Americans. According to a recent survey by WebMD, people are more concerned about mosquitoes this year than in past years and are planning to take additional steps to prevent mosquito bites. When asked which diseases spread by mosquitoes were of the most concern, 67 percent said Zika and 60 percent said West Nile. Both are a problem, but what do we really know about mosquitoes, what attracts them and what viruses they are carrying that we should be most concerned about?

dr-dana-cohenDr. Dana Cohen, M.D., is a nationally renowned internal and integrative medicine specialist who says while Zika is capturing most of the public’s attention, it’s not the only virus mosquitos spread this time of year and that there are even more dangerous mosquito-borne diseases we need to protect ourselves from of such as West Nile, which has now been confirmed in almost every U.S. state.
Cohen will explain to your audience the signs and symptoms of mosquito-borne diseases from chikungunya, West Nile and Zika virus and practical prevention steps to keep you calm, as well as five things that can make you a mosquito magnet and what steps to take to minimize your exposure to bites.


Show Highlights:

-Boosting your immune system so you aren’t affected by mosquito born illnesses.

-Recommendation for Vitamin D level around 50, per Dr. Cannell’s research.

-AHCC for flu prevention and cancer therapy. A highly effective immune-modulator. Good for prevention of mosquito born illnesses. See

-Dr. Cohen worked with Dr. Robert Atkins from 1998-2001. She saw miraculous results in patients with his ketogenic diet.

-Research compared 4 popular diets, low-carb to high-carb. Following any of the diets resulted in weight loss and lowered cholesterol. Atkins diet resulted in best cholesterol markers.

-Why notstrictlyfollowing an Atkins diet is unhealthy and dangerous

-Ketogenic diet has powerful anti-epileptic effects.

-Find an integrative physician at

and more!!

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dr dana cohen m.d. from mosquito born viruses to atkins diet, september 20, 2016

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  1. September 26, 2016 @ 2:06 am cee

    Interesting show. I couldn’t help but wonder about such things as…., what about vitamin B1, essential oils, or ingested garlic for a natural repellant? However, if I understood it correctly the recommendation was Deet? Eek. Vaccinnation for an older person in frail health? Oh dear. This poor doctor was so curtailed in what she could and could not say, thanks to Doug and Mel. Sad. Also, it did seem that the advertisements were longer than the actual interview. I had so hoped to hear more from Dr. Cohen. Still, thank you for the show and your terrific questions in the interviews.


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