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dr-magnanoHeartburn isn’t just a painful annoyance for millions of Americans – it’s a potential killer.

A three year study conducted by doctors at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden found individuals who experience heartburn once a week or more are eight times more likely to develop a deadly form of cancer called adenocarcinoma which starts in the lower esophagus.

The findings, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, also stated persons with long-standing and severe heartburn were forty-five times more likely to develop the deadly cancer.

“The doctors reported that anti-acid pills, medications, and surgery did not reduce the chances of contracting the cancer,” says Dr. David Magnano.

“The message is clear – heartburn sufferers need to find a workable approach to repair their digestive systems, stop their heartburn, and move themselves out of the high risk category.”

Dr. Magnano advises anyone suffering from heartburn to do the following to put their digestive systems back in good health and alleviate heartburn symptoms.

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Show Highlights:

-Swedish study shows 8X increase in esophageal cancer in patients having heartburn more than once a week.

-Heartburn is a symptom that stomach digestion is not occurring. The body will produce more and more churning to finish digestion.

-Why does stomach acid decrease as we age? Coincident with aging, not caused by aging.

-Heartburn being common doesn’t mean it’s normal.

-Covering up the symptom with antacids and PPIs doesn’t decrease the risk of esophageal cancer.

-Doesn’t recommend hydrochloric acid in his heartburn rescue program as an initial solution.

-Protein is hardest to digest. Enzymes inherent in foods are killed off when heated over 118. Add raw fruits and vegetables to get benefits of their digestive enzymes or take AbsorbAid digestive enzyme from Nature’s Sources, available at AbsorbAid sourced from fruits and vegetables. Free samples available.

-Pineapple and papaya help break down protein. Eat with a meal.

-What do supplemental hydrochloric acid and protein pump inhibitors (PPIs) do to the stomach?

-Probiotics – recommended daily for some conditions.

and more!!

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  1. November 16, 2016 @ 5:52 am Stanley Johnson

    I have tried to access the website he mentioned and cannot find it no can I find the product Absorbate,. Could you post the link to his website or the product,


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