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Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Author of The Lethal Dose: Murder By Medicine is No Accident

Getting Over the Fear of the Unknown and Getting Down to the Cause of Problems

Dr. Daniels is a former medical doctor who had her medical license suspended due to not prescribing enough drugs and truly healing her patients.
Dr.Daniels is widely considered one of the foremost Alternative Healing Physicians alive today. She graduated from Harvard University with Honors receiving a BA degree. Her education continued at the University of Pennsylvania where she received her Medical Degree (MD) and also attended Wharton where she received her MBA in Health Care Administration.
She practiced medicine for 10 years as a Board Certified Family Practice Physician where she saw first hand the power of Natural Methods.
She has been coaching clients to successfully heal naturally since 1985.
She is the author of the award winning book, Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful?

Dr. Jennifer Daniels

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Show Highlights:

-How fear of the unknown precipitates patients from getting to the cause of their problems

-An acid stomach primer

-The role of candida in our body

-Is skipping breakfast generally a good idea?

-Is a fruitarian diet healthy?

-The how’s and why’s of menapause

-Are you ashamed of sex

-Hear how Dr. Daniels dealt with her daughter’s seizures

-What Dr. Daniels thinks of a vegan diet

-When it comes to Farmers Markets, how can you really be sure you are getting real, organic food?

-Dry eye solutions

-Question from a listener:I think my body is having trouble cooling me. I barely sweat any more, my face gets a little red and if real bad I get really confused. I find my self liking cold water to drink when I used to not, cold showers, cold everything.Any ideas about how I can fix this?

-The Jock itch cure

-Turpentine in the eyes?

-Question from a listener:Have been taking your capsules and doing coffee enema in the weekend. It’s working just great! Was wondering how long can I take your capsules? should I stop after a while?

-What about Lipomas?

-What would Dr. Daniels do for a growth on the face that was diagnosed as a carcinoma?

-Conversations on high blood pressure

-Question from a listener: I have questions regarding kidney function. My mother recently had an angiogram due to an heart attack. She had 4 blockages that were 80% blocked and they put in 3 stints. She is a diabetic and prior to the procedure her kidneys were a concern, but since the angiogram she has been on dialysis. The doctor says dialysis may be temporary but they are not sure. My question is what can be done to restore her kidney function so she won’t be dependent on dialysis?

-Does Dr Daniels believe tubal ligation can be damaging and what are her ideas about a reversal after so long?

and so much more!!


dr jennifer daniels m.d. and healing on your own without the system, june 27, 2016, hour one

'Dr. Jennifer Daniels – Getting Over the Fear of the Unknown and Getting Down to the Cause of Problems – June 27, 2016' have 6 comments

  1. June 27, 2016 @ 11:40 pm Steve

    Regarding the emailer with kidney concerns:
    Master herbal formulator Jon Barron developed a very potent kidney care formula.  Most of the article is about how the kidneys work; skip to near the bottom to the paragraph heading “Testing the Formula” for the amazing testimony of a woman whose 18 years of chronic kidney issues cleared up within days of taking the formula:

    As noted at, the “kidney care formula” is available at as the KGP Flush or as part of the Kidney/Liver/Gallbladder/Blood Detox combo package.

    Your kidney loves blue and purple foods:

    Near the end of this interview, Dr. Jennifer Daniels recommended small willow flower to repair the kidney/bladder area; it allows the kidney to filter the small particles that would otherwise clog up capillaries.

    At the top of the 2nd hour of this show (, Patrick relayed how his Ayurvedic doctor recommended pipsissewa to cleanse out his kidney. It’s available at

    Cleanse your kidneys with avocado tea:


  2. June 28, 2016 @ 9:47 pm Berl

    Just need a little over 300 to talk to the doc, still bitter about it Doc won’t listen to you any more!!


  3. June 30, 2016 @ 9:44 pm matt

    One of the best shows I’ve listened to. Basic info: water, bowel movements often, good food, de-stress, and don’t ever “own” a dis-ease. Old remedies still work!


  4. July 10, 2016 @ 7:22 pm James

    Apparently a Ketogenic diet [very minimal amount of carbohydrates]
    can effectively treat or cure Epilepsy as it is a very beneficial for the brain. The Mayo Clinic in the mid 1920’s created a successful ketogenic diet for children with epilepsy who for whom the available medication regimens did not work. However, after WW II with the availability of new drugs the ketogenic diet treatment was dropped in favor of a pharmaceutical


  5. August 9, 2016 @ 8:02 pm Rosendo Cissel

    Hello Dr.Daniels my question is do turpentine get rid of keloid I have one on my stomach under or near my breast it s very painful and burn sometime itch please respond.Thank You.


  6. January 20, 2022 @ 1:45 am Lawrence

    “-How fear of the unknown precipitates patients from getting to the cause of their problems”
    Maybe they get it from TV?
    The Golden Girls: Dorothy’s Struggle With CFS/ME – Awareness Video


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