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Dr. John Apsley

How cancer is cured through The Regeneration Effect

Dr. John Apsley

Dr. John Apsley

Dr. John Apsley is a physician, author and researcher who for the past 30 years has specialized in integrative regenerative medicine. His cutting-edge techniques are designed to reverse chronic degenerative disease through accelerated tissue repair and cellular regeneration. Dr. Apsley’s research has concluded that the long-living cultures regenerative lifestyle can be replicated by all. But due to the generational environmental decay, the emergence of chronic degenerative diseases and premature aging arises before the age of 90. He believes that by properly instituting a regenerative lifestyle, anyone can return to pristine health and optimal wellness.

Dr. Apsley currently serves as Executive Director at The International College of Regenerative Medicine Anti-Aging Center. This non-profit institution offers both traditional healthcare and educational degree/certification programs. The institute is currently scheduled to offer enjoyable, in-depth programs in Integrative Regenerative Medicine, featuring our country’s finest educators May 2016 in Tampa, Florida.

What is The Regeneration Effect within?

The Regeneration Effect within enables humans from all over the globe to delay their aging process completely until well into their 90s.

The Regeneration Effect within is super accelerated healing throughout the body, and especially through the immune system.

It must be re-established by practicing a regenerative lifestyle featuring the Four Pillars that all long-living cultures practice daily.

Specifically, these Four Pillars are Daily Detoxification, Maximal Oxygenation, Regenerative Nourishment, Mind-Over-Body mastery.

Show Highlights:

-Deaths in newborns and babies increasing on U.S. west coast from radiation exposure, according to data from Newborns 1000 times more sensitive to radiation.

-Treating from the outside has a limited regenerative effect compared to what the body does itself when the right nutrients are provided, which speed up our enzyme systems at a quantum rate.

-Our bodies use colloidal chemistry. 97% of chemical reactions in bodies take place as suspensions, not as chemicals dissolved in the blood, such as drugs, which collapse the colloidal state. Enzymes operate in a colloidal state.

-If body temperature is one degree low, it operates at 1000% lower speed. Two degrees – 2000% lower.

-4 Pillars of long-living cultures: 1) detox daily with special water, 2) do lots of exercise to bring oxygen in, 3) eat embryonic foods in their raw or fermented state, 4) have a deeply spiritual relationship with family, environment, and God.

-The importance of unspoken bonds and empathy with family and culture.

-For regeneration, not enough to eat perfectly, must do 20 minutes of high intensity exercise, which is the equivalent of 2 hours of aerobic exercise. Each has equal effect on biomarkers of ATP production, flushing out lactic acid, oxygen saturation, overall physical indication and strength.

-Detoxification of acids is essential.

-True superfoods are regenerative, colloidal factors. Unfermented muscle meat is not regenerative, but organ meats are.

-Paleo, raw, and fruit diets incorporate elements of regeneration, but are not regenerative.

Integrative, Regenerative Medicine: Colloidal Regenerative Factors and The Regeneration Effect Volume V – Dr. John Apsley’s book available from Amazon on Kindle.

-Are alkaline diets sufficient to get rid of acid? Why bicarbonates aren’t enough. Need an activated form of an alkali.

-The long-lived don’t start aging until 90.

-Using coffee implants for detox.

-How to make alkaline water – information on his website.

-Using low dose naltrexone for MS.

-Special energy devices for innoculation of chi.

-What about raw eggs and milk as embryonic foods?

-Is deep ocean water good for growing sprouts?

-Sprouted chick peas – perfect embryonic food, used by Hunzas.

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dr john apsley on the regenerative effect of the body given the right tools, july 21, 2016

'Dr. John Apsley – How Cancer is Cured Through the Regeneration Effect – July 21, 2016' have 3 comments

  1. July 24, 2016 @ 10:53 am Matt Grantham

    Hi Patrick A really great and interesting show and somewhat shocking that you had no comments on it, so I thought I would pitch in .Apsley previously;y had a very interesting show with on water and has connection to Johnathon Wright and the cellar biology stuff with Gilbert Ling gave me the impression this guy could be a heavyweight so to speak My question is whether he at some point will mention what kind of success rates he has had in treating cancer patients. He mentioned Gerson’s rate of around 35 percent, but never mentions his own record. I understand he is just getting started in a new location so maybe he does not have that many patients records to draw from, but as some point, we hopefully hear about his success rates


  2. July 26, 2016 @ 4:15 pm Katya Keen

    Say WOW……Patrick/Sharon…..PLEASE!!!!!! have Dr Apsley on every month if he’s willing!!!! :)
    He’s so brilliant!!! He’s actually perfect…so knowledgeable..humble…clear..focused..patient..and a really nice guy…oh, and high testosterone..Ha!
    I live on an island between Vancouver island and the BC coast. After hearing Dr John speak about the radiation…well let’s say I’ve been waiting for someone to acknowledge the obvious…and YES I have cancer. For 6 years I’ve been on my own considered a defiant patient for doing the protocol. It’s lonely and scary…but..I LOOK GREAT. And so much because of your great guests.
    Dr John is the clearest voice I’ve heard about cancer..and that’s been my full-time study.

    I listen (all night) to most of your shows and learn so much what makes sense from your guests.
    This is by far the greatest radio station bar none!!
    I tell everybody about ORN…and unbelievably almost noone listens!! What is up with people??
    Besides fiddle’re all I listen to :)

    John Apsley is now my favourite guest…… :) I’ll listen many times to this interview (and MAKE my 17 yr old listen once thru..we made a deal if he got fancy headphones..he’d listen to one ORN interview although he complains of the crazy health nuts..he’s growing and changing toward self responsible health) So THANKYOU


    • August 11, 2016 @ 1:18 pm Fred


      My wife and I are actually moving to Washington State (personal reason) and Snoqualmie is where we most likely end up. As a person who live in Washington State, can you recommend any area that is better than others?
      Thanks – Fred


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