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Dr. John DeLucaDr. John DeLuca is a 2005 graduate of St. George’s University School of Medicine. He completed his Internal Medicine residency at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, New Jersey, in 2008 and is Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.


Dr. John DeLuca is considered an expert in Complementary and Alternative Medicine [CAM] and has presented multiple lectures as a Visiting Professor at St. George’s University School of Medicine. He has instructed hundreds of doctors at Activator Methods seminars. In addition to Internal and Hyperbaric Medicine, Dr. DeLuca’s interests include maximizing neurological functioning, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Detoxification and Chelation Therapy, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, Weight-Loss, Headache and Pain Management, as well as promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. DeLuca practices Integrative Medicine, as defined by Dr. Andrew Weil: “Integrative Medicine is healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person –body, mind, and spirit– including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.”

Dr. DeLuca’s unique training and professional background allows him to bring the best that each discipline has to offer and develop an individual treatment plan for each patient.

Show Highlights:

-The most important things to do to keep the body strong and healthy; one of the things is high intensity exercise at short intervals

-The problem with over training the body; chronic over exercise is not good for the body; Dr. DeLuca tells why

-What is happening to the body during hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how much does it cost?

-The top antioxidants

-Using hyperbaric oxygen after a stroke

-What is the difference between hyperbaric oxygen and ozone?

-Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and Lyme’s disease

-Would hyperbaric be useful for a messed up psoas muscle?

-Would it be helpful to take anything like vitamin C, iodine, sulfur, glutathione, or b vitamins before going into the chamber?

-What would Dr. DeLuca suggest doing before starting hyperbaric treatment to optimize the effects?

-Would transdermal magnesium be OK to put on before going in or is it better not to put anything on the skin.?

-Is it better to have food in the stomach or “dive” on an empty stomach?

-How many “dives” are usually necessary for a person to tell if it is working?

and so much more!

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dr john deluca md, great ideas on health and healing, july 16, 2015

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    'Dr. John DeLuca – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Much More- July 16, 2015' have 2 comments

    1. July 27, 2015 @ 3:30 am Stanley Johnson

      Hello, I’d just like to say that I have been getting hyperbaric oxygen for 2 years now I am fortunate in this case, that I live in England where it is very cheap. It costs the equivalent of 15 dollars in England for one hour. I haven’t heard the show yet, but I will tomorrow while I’m travelling down to get my oxygen in Middlesbrough. I can say that it has benefitted me a lot I have more energy and of course it helps breathing as I have asbestos in my lungs from years of working in factories.


    2. December 2, 2019 @ 10:38 am Jane Rothenberg

      How is this Theraphy helpful for people with Hashimoto’s?


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