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Dr. Michelle Kmiec

Exposing the Lies, Deceit and Greed of the Medical Profession

After being desperately sick ten years ago, with a diagnosis of MS, the medical profession had offered Dr. Michelle Kmiec nothing but drugs and outrageous “healthcare” bills. Not willing to accept that as her faith, if she was to be healthy again, she’d have to look for the answers herself.

In the process, her research led her to discover just how corrupt the medical profession had become—an insurance-based and Big Pharma oriented monopoly!

Ultimately, despite all her struggle and fear, and due to shear perseverance, she regained her health completely naturally and so much more!

She has now made it her mission in life to share her journey, in hopes to help take away some of the fear and struggle regarding finding answers to healthcare needs; and replace it with something very unique…HOPE!

Discouraged by the practices of conventional medicine whose doctrine promotes the ever increasing dispersal of pharmaceutical drugs, yet ironically without effecting the steady increases of chronic diseases such as: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune, she was determined to get to some answers! And what she found was blatant hypocrisy of so-called “healthcare” that was more concerned about bottom-line profits than in helping people. Too many people sick from pharmaceutical side-effects, and often with misdiagnosis to boot! Outraged…

Dr. Michelle Kmiec felt compelled to make a major natural healthcare stance, and is determined to make a difference by provoking a change in holistic healthcare awareness.

So, was the birth of Online Holistic Health website.

Her book, Healthcare Freedom Revolution: Exposing the Lies, Deceit and Greed of the Medical Profession, uncovers what the medical profession neglects to tell you…that drugs and surgery are NOT the only answer! You will be surprised as to what she found to be true in over three years of research!

Dr. Kmiec hopes to shed a new light on holistic healthcare by offering in-depth details on hundreds of natural health topics that are hard to find and/or have been buried under the massive medical/pharmaceutical shadow.

It is her belief that egos should not have a place in healthcare. In other words…healthcare, and information regarding healthcare, should be as accessible as the air we breathe (minus the pollution!)

Show Highlights:

-What could be causing an anxiety attack out of the blue?

-Getting worse before getting better; Dr. Kmiec tells us the story of her detoxification.

-Regarding Mulitiple Schlerosis, the science points to nutritional deficiencies

-The ‘cure’ starts in your mind

-Why organic foods today are not what they used to be

-Standard Process Supplements: Dr. Kmiec tells us why she only uses their vegetable based products

-Drinking your vitamins

-Vitamin C: How much is too much?

-The big question about salt

-Half the world’s population is deficient in zinc;testing your zinc levels at home

-Serrapeptase: Dr. Kmiec tells us how her aunt avoided stent surgery by taking this enzyme

and more!

Dr. Michelle Kmiec

Online Holistic Health


dr michelle kmiec on healing, april 21, 2014

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  1. April 24, 2014 @ 7:17 pm Peter

    I have had the same anxiety attack that you describe, Patrick.
    What happened to me is that I had a pattern of insomnia followed by feelings of abject hopelessness, isolation, claustrophobic feelings of powerlessness, a feeling of being totally and completely alone in the world, absolutely horrible. The worse your emotional state gets, the worse the physical problem gets, and vice-versa. Worse, there is no escape, because you CANNOT possibly sleep.
    Then after awhile I came to realize that it was being caused by a feeling of weakness in my heart. I was feeling twinges of circulation issues in the very core of my body. I was scared, I considered going into the emergency room to have my heart checked. I rode it out, finally started to gradually get more sleep , and it seemed to go away. It was one of the most dreadful emotional states I’ve ever experienced.

    At times it seems like a stiff drink would have helped, but I’ve sworn off alcohol, and in hindsight I think the alcohol would have just been a crutch which comforted temporarily but weakened me farther.

    What I realized later was that the feelings were brought on by the combination of a bunch of new sleep supplements and two new chemical sleep aids which had been horrible. One of the sleep aid chemicals did the opposite of causing sleep, it actually PREVENTED sleep, and the other one is notorious for causing brain damage, dependency etc. The combination of the two was devastating , one gave me a headache while the other kept me awake. I was awake for almost three days straight, headaches, feelings of doom and hopelessness, and none of the sleep supplements had any effect. I was taking no flush inositol/niacin which I think made things worse.

    The problem is that once you are in that state of mind there seems to be nothing which can help you. For example , during the height of the anxiety attack, it probably would have helped a great deal to get out of the house, for a walk in the cool fresh air, and at the time I considered it, but no sooner did I have the thought of leaving, than thought of leaving the safety of home fro the night time outside seemed even more remote , empty and horrifying. The darkness and emptiness of the city outside seemed to offer NOTHING.
    But now that I think of it, it really shows how our perceptions are everything. AS I think of it in a logical way, the perfect escape from the claustrophobia of the house seemingly would have been to leave the house. But when you are that anxious , and really have nowhere to go anyway, your mind plays tricks on you, and you dread expanding your gloom beyond the confines of your walls and making things even worse by experiencing it elsewhere, on an even larger scale.
    I never thought of taking a cool shower to relax, going for a walk, trying to find a place to get a stiff drink or whatever might bring me out of it. I realize that I hadn’t the presence of mind to think rationally. You really feel on the edge of sanity at that point, the sense of losing control of your thoughts is unsettling, and worse is the medical fear of impending physical collapse of some kind. A heart attack seems inevitable, and to make matters worse I was in a drafty room and suffering respiratory lung problems due to the draft coming in the windows. I felt like my lungs and heart were slowly shutting down, and could not think of a single thing which could help me. It was like I had completely given up. ALL I wanted was for the feeling to go away and to sleep, nothing else. I had no option to consider anything else at that point. Not so much as a drink of water occurred to me.
    I hindsight what I probably needed was a drink of water, a short walk , followed by a cool shower and half a glass of wine, but when a person is in the grip of an anxiety attack there are just no options left. Something has gripped your heart and mind which is horrible and strong and implacable.
    Anyone who experiences this, you realize that it is no wonder that people experience this often end up going to the hospital out of fear , especially people who are alone. You think you are on the edge of death, the walls are closing in, and you begin to realize how alone you really are, so yes, some people go to hospital as a last resort.
    Fortunately it was not too late at night , I was able to call a friend and beg them to help , and fortunately she lives very close by, a friend who came over, and just the human contact helped me to get a handle on things. I was able to calm down enough to think of tea, and a couple of other things to help me sleep, so I rode it out. If she had not come over when she did, if I had tried to do it alone, I think I’d surely have ended up in the emergency ward having my heart tested that night or maybe something worse, like a full scale panic attack with screaming,running , etc. as I have seen described. I now fully understand what an anxiety attack is. It is a horrible, prolonged collapse of body and mind , far worse than I had imagined it to be.


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