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Dr. Richard Massey joins us LIVE once a month to take health questions from our listeners. He is an MD practicing Wholistic and Natural Medicine

Show Highlights:

-It’s been a month today since Patrick started have digestive/gut issues. Dr. Massey has been helping him through it the whole time and tells how’s the live blood analysis helped in finding the source of some of Patrick’s problems

-Olive leaf extract and oregano oil are the big natural antibiotics

-Symptoms of parasites

-More talk on Beat the Heart Attack Gene. If you missed Dr. Bradley Bale, click here for interview. Dr. Massey thinks Dr. Bale’s ideas make a lot of sense

-What cause dark circles and bags under the eyes?

-Fermented grain juice to help digest grains

-Can you take too many probiotics?

-Ideas for shrinking the prostate

-Getting good fat from pumpkin seeds and are good for the prostate. Dr. Massey shares a test to see if your pumpkin seeds are good

-The benefits of drinking glutamine 20 minutes before a meal

-If you have an autoimmune problem and dental issues, there might just be a connection

-The periodontal disease and heart attack connection

-Rubbing your teeth with ozonated olive oil at night to prevent tooth sensitivity. Patrick checks out the natural tooth care products from Living Libations

-The more poisonous food you eat, the more vitamin C you need

-What does Dr. Massey think of urine therapy?

-a way to reduce/cure lupus

-The power of the brain and it’s connection to disease

-Finding which fats you need by using muscle testing

-Iodine is more effective when put on the perineum

-A listener’s breasts enlarge drastically 2 weeks before menstruation, what could be causing this?

-More sulfur talk and sulfur testimonials

and so much more!

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