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Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT (‘Dr. SAM’)

aka “The Health Raiser!”

Physical Therapist-Speaker-Wellness Consultant

Dr. Samuel A. MielcarskiWith over 19 years of experience as a licensed physical therapist and wellness consultant, Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT (aka “The Health Raiser!”) has helped guide thousands of people back to better health using a simple approach to health and healing that’s safe, affordable, and easy-to-follow! The advice and guidance he provides may not only change your life, it may even save it!

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Show Highlights:

-Even though recent changes in healthcare have allowed greater access to the masses, we’re still lacking a true ‘health care’ system.

-True therapy is a “way of life”!

-When it comes to better health, there really IS a ‘Quick Fix!’

-Good or bad, health is earned.

-There is an important difference between knowledge and wisdom!

-People suffer from information overload because they focus too much on the ‘science of health’!

-Movement quality is an often overlooked aspect of fitness (and health)!

-Mother Nature is not prejudiced; Mother Nature is consistent with her consequences.

-Higher quality of life can be attained at any age.

-Structure governs function. Getting and staying aligned is very important and improves function.

-One aspect of healthful living cannot make up for unhealthful aspects.

-In therapy, finesse, not force; precision, not power.

-Everything in the body is a two-way street, everything affects everything else.

-Chain of health components: food, air, water, light, rest, activity, hygiene, loving relationships.

-Gluten, pasteurized dairy, sugar – weaken connective tissue.

-Need sustainable physical activity – get up, drink water, walk a mile, drink more water.

-Stagnation different from low energy. Getting lymphatics pumping removes stagnation and helps improve energy.

-Running and weight bearing – if you can’t do it in the proper form, don’t do it.

-Holding weight in arms vs. loading the spine in a squat.

-Surgically repaired torn left achilles tendon- how to increase flexibility and reduce scar tissue?

-MPS – microcurrent point stimulation – good for scar tissue. Changes the polarity of the scar, makes it more like normal tissue. Also treats trigger points. Fascia binding causes trigger points, are low energy areas, respond to stimulation. Tuning forks for release of trigger points.

-MPS good for neuropathic conditions like MS, ALS. Also want to eliminate factors that triggered those diseases. Heavy metals a big factor in causing MS.

-Computer use – recommend standing work station. Sitting in general not recommended. Keyboard at waist level, middle of monitor at eye level. Bend, blink, breathe. Avoid email apnea. Move eyes and rest of body with weight shifting. Take breaks.

-Pattern overload – induces repetitive overload injuries.

-PEMF devices can be helpful, but differ from MPS. True microcurrent must be low.

-We have healthcare systems, but we still lack a system to care for health. SYSTEM – saves you significant time, energy, money. Target the weakest link in the system. Think of it as the key area, rather than the weakest. Don’t neglect the other 7 areas.

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dr sam mielcarski, earning good health, august 16, 2016

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