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Put on your seat belts for this show folks because Dr. Broer is going to take you on the health ride of your life. From the use of fluoride, estrogens, statin drugs, the New World Order and everything in between, he barely takes a breath to fit it all in. We think you’ll like him and we ask that you share this show with your friends and family.

Dr. Ted Broer is internationally recognized as a leading health and nutrition expert, with extensive graduate and post graduate studies in the field of nutrition, biochemistry, and Naturopathy. His education includes an undergraduate degree in biological science and chemistry from Florida state university. He has also completed a second undergraduate degree from FSU in psychology and exercise physiology, a masters degree in Business Administration from FSU and received a Doctorate from Southeastern University.

Show Highlights:

-Statin drugs: The most dangerous drugs on the planet

-Why you should NEVER let your cholesterol numbers go under 200

-Why heart disease happens in our culture? The blood is too thick, but why?

-A good reason to drink distilled water

-The top ten foods not to eat

-The connection between the rise of the use of methamphetamine and ADHD drugs

-What happens when you put exogenous estrogens into a women in her first trimester of pregnancy?

-How to increase your cholesterol naturally

-Ideas to detox BPA

-The top 5 foods and supplementation

and so much more!

Breakthrough Health


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dr ted broer and breakthrough health, december 22, 2014

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'Dr. Ted Broer – Breakthrough Health – December 22, 2014' have 4 comments

  1. December 25, 2014 @ 12:50 am Hatha

    (please delete if this is a repost; first one didn’t seem to stick?)

    Interesting spiel from Dr. Broer; most of it I know to be true or otherwise “rings true”.

    Disappointed around 43 min mark though, his anti-Hitler/3rd-Reich/etc rant. More & more anti-NWO types who he’s seeking to reach, are deprogramming from the upside-down WW2 propaganda we’ve had beat into our heads “by the victors” all our lives! Hitler’s REAL biggest crime was ceasing the int’l banksters’ control of Germany’s money/currency supply, and issuing their own interest-free national currency, which had Germany booming in the 1930s as the rest of the world was steeped in bankster-engineered Great Depression. Obama, or Bush, or pick-ur-puppet, are most certainly NOT “Hitlers.” Hitler was ANTI-NWO… Western politicians today can’t be elected dog catcher it they’re anti-NWO-Bankster.

    Dr. Broer should watch the epic docu just completed this year, called: “Hitler: Greatest Story Never Told.” It’s 6-some hours, free on youtube… in bite size parts or in whole. It’s brought many anti-NWO people around to a new perspective on WW2, and explains the ad-nausium propaganda we’ve endured all our lives… namely, it’s the banksters’ way of saying, “Never Again!”


  2. December 25, 2014 @ 5:09 pm John

    This guy talks too fast. There seems to be a lot of inconsistency in what He says. Maybe that’s why he talks so fast as to not be noticed . Eat NO pork. Where does he think lard comes from ? Cows ? If he`s right, there are a lot of other people WRONG .


  3. March 16, 2015 @ 1:45 pm Cynthia newsome

    Please advise me of what product you recommend for a total body cleanse & detox and also what product to use for high blood pressure. When you were on pastor Benny Hinn I couldn’t get full understanding because of interruption. What is your 800 phone number to call to place an order?


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