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Earl O. Bergersen, DDS

Ortho-Tain: Innovation in Orthodontics

Ortho-Tain appliances in many cases can be used as an alternative to braces. Younger patients will wear the appliance only at night while they sleep. The appliance At this age, the patients would wear the appliance “actively” for 2 hours each day. Active wear consists of biting down into the appliance and hold for 1-4 minutes, then relax for 30 seconds. This exercise should be repeated for a total of 2 hours per day – which can be broken up into 30 minute increments throughout the day. The patient will also wear the appliance at night while they sleep to retain the work they have done during the day. Once treatment is complete, they will wear the same appliance as a retainer at night while they sleep. If at any time they experience any relapse of the teeth, they would wear the appliance actively again until their teeth go back to their perfect position.

Many children have sleep disorders such as snoring, grinding, thumb-sucking, bed wetting, etc. These habits can lead to attention deficit disorders and other behavioral problems. Ortho-Tain’s Habit-Corrector will help to correct these issues and is only worn while sleeping.

dr-earl-bergersenDr. Bergersen taught at Northwestern University for 25 years on the growth and development of the head and cephalometric radiography, as an assistant professor. He has been a guest lecturer at the Universities of Nebraska, Illinois, Loyola University and Marquette University Orthodontic Departments. He developed the Ortho-Tain® Preformed Positioner in 1968, the Occlus-o-Guide® Eruption Guidance Appliance in 1975, and the Nite-Guide® Eruption Guidance Appliance in 1989. He holds more than seventy-five United States and foreign patents. Dr. Bergersen has lectured throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Asia, Africa, and South America on these appliances. He has given numerous courses on growth and development research, as well as on the use of skeletal age assessments of maturity in relation to facial and body growth and its influence on orthodontic treatment and retention timing. He is a guest lecturer in the pediatric post-graduate department of the graduate school of dentistry at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Show Highlights:

-Guiding erupting teeth into position when a child is young; Dr. Bergersen explains why younger is better when correcting orthodontics. Ideal age 5-7 years. Positioning the teeth and preventing the need for braces

-Snoring, sleep problems, bed wetting, short attention span, poor study habits may be due to orthodontic problems. Oftentimes these problems are reversed with good orthodontic care

-Dr. Bergerson explains why adults often need to remain using retainers after teeth straightening and children do not

-Finding an orthodontist in your city who uses Ortho-Tain

and so much more!


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