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Eli Katz

Founder of BioFoodCare: A System of Wholistic Well-Being

We Are What We Think: The Connection Between Emotional Issues and Physical Well-Being

Eli KatzWholistic wellness industry is a big business. Just like the orthodox medical industry it requires successful marketing strategies to keep the business growing. No other strategies have proven more successful than the quest for magic bullets to shoot down the evil microbes with isolated nutrient overload. In select cases this approach has a short term benefit, but the practice of maintaining health by managing the symptoms of disease has little to do with healing. This type of practice completely ignores the fundamental law of nature, which dictates that all healing is self healing.
It takes time and committed practice to tell the true and unbiased information from clever marketing propaganda. Eli Katz has spent many years diligently researching many aspects of human nutrition, human physiology, psychology, spirituality, cosmology and how closely interrelated they all are. He studied both formally and by observing the countless journeys of healing and transformation of his own, his clients and the clients of many other successful practitioners.
Early on he sensed that there is no such a thing as a “magic bullet”. He understood that the knowledge of what it takes for the human organism to perform at its optimum level must come from nature’s own intelligence. This realization and the resulting quest for knowledge inspired the creation of BioFoodCare.

Show Highlights:

-The connection between how we digest our experiences and how we digest our food

-Addressing food sensitivities and allergies

-How a fetus gets imprinted with certain traumas

-Resolving physical issues once emotional issues are resolved

-How we become what we are thinking about

-Choosing the type of fuel for your body according to the types of activities you are doing

-The psychology of belief: When you think something will be of benefit, it will!

and so much more!

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eli katz and thinking our way to health, november 16, 2015

'Eli Katz – We Are What We Think: The Connection Between Emotional Issues and Physical Well-Being – November 16, 2015' has 1 comment

  1. November 17, 2015 @ 5:29 pm rayross

    This is one of those rare shows that I put on Repeat…Eli breaks the mold, my mold.
    I listen and my mind wanders, of course, but then a new way of looking at something will pop up.
    His ideas are liberating, so I will continue listening.


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