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Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D.

Our Toxic World: How Plastics and Sunscreens are Wreaking Havoc on Our Bodies Disrupting Hormones and the Endocrine System

Dr. Elizabeth PlourdeELIZABETH PLOURDE, C.L.S., Ph.D. is a Certified Laboratory Scientist in the State of California. She received her B.S. in Biological Science from California State University located in Hayward; an M.A. in Psychology from Pepperdine in Malibu, California and a Ph.D. from San Diego University for Integrative Studies, California with a dissertation titled: The Impact of Hysterectomy versus Oophorohysterectomy on Women’s Sexuality.

As a specialist in the complexity of how hormones function in the body, she has authored several books specializing in hormone health. Her latest book Sunscreens – Biohazard highlights how sunscreen chemicals are endocrine disrupting chemicals, which displace vital-to-life hormones and keep them from functioning properly. They are now in our water sources and commonly found in the blood of consumers, whether they use sunscreens or not. This book covers the biochemistry as to why these chemicals promote the development of skin cancers, infertility, male reproductive disorders and testicular cancers that are increasing in many countries. The chemicals used in sunscreens also interfere with fetal development, which could be behind the increase in obesity and autism that are being seen in children.

In addition to the damage they are causing within the body, these chemicals are killing the coral reefs and plankton in the oceans. This damage is far reaching and impacting all the environments of the world.


Show Highlights:

Dr. Plourde explains how the plastics we come in contact with every day and the sunscreens we goop on our skin severely disrupt the endocrine system and hormone production

  • Hormone disruptors in sun screens get into water supply and 97% of blood tested have traces of them
  • People stay out in the sun too long, unnatural amount of time with sunscreensand soak up harmful near infrared rays
  • Chemicals added to sunscreens lowers testosterone in men
  • The importance of antioxidant foods for correcting imbalances
  • How sunscreen blocks the body’s ability to make vitamin D
  • Chemicals in sunscreen coupled with EMF’s damage the gut
  • EMF’s damage the guts integrity
  • “Kids Safe” sunscreens are even worse than the regular ones
  • The sun without anything helps one to get out before burning which can damage skin and you
  • Nano particles in sun screen make them more dangerous
  • and so much more!!!

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elizabeth plourde on sunscreens and emf dangers, january 7, 2016

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  1. January 12, 2016 @ 9:43 pm Trevor

    Allicin is the active ingredient in freshly-crushed garlic.

    One Ångström is a tenth of a nanometre, or one ten-billionth of a metre. The radius of an atom is about one Ångström. Even high-school science students in Europe know this.


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